Top 10 Best Streaming Lights in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Whether you are a professional photographer or just getting started with live streaming on YouTube, a good lighting effect is mandatory. And good lighting can only be provided by a premium streaming light. These lights normally have more than one light mode. In most cases, the light modes are up to 3. They also have adjustable brightness to let you take stunning photos and videos in different circumstances. But it’s not just live streaming these lights are suitable for. They are also ideal for reading books and making up. In the following top 10 best streaming lights reviews, we have provided all the crucial information about these products.

Table Best Streaming Lights

1. UBeesize 8” Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

1. UBeesize 8” Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Aside from the tripod stand, this streaming light comes with a cell phone holder. It is a complete package that you will be able to use right out of the box. It is dimmable, and this means you will set it at the right brightness level for exceptional results. The ring light will meet all your needs regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

The dimming range is from 1% – 100%. Having said that, if you are looking for a perfect streaming light to take away all the annoying shadows, look no further than this unit. The aforementioned tripod stand is upgraded; hence, it works just fine. It can be adjusted, and it will not tip over. The phone holder is also adjusted and can be set in a vertical, horizontal, high-angle or low-angle positions, among others.

The ring light is USB powered, and, therefore, it works with most devices that support USB ports. Such devices include power bank, PC, laptop, AC adapter, and USB charger, among others. UBeesize stands behind this streaming light by providing great after-sale services to make sure you have the smoothest experience ever with it. Any part of this light set (including Bluetooth remote and tripod stand) that experiences quality issues will be replaced.

We like the fact that the brightness of this ring light can be adjusted. This means setting it up at the right level to get amazing results is very easy. The dimmable design also makes this ring light versatile in the sense that you can use it for makeup, photography, and video.

Key Features
  • 3 Color Lighting Modes: They include Day Light (6000K), Cool White (4500K), and Warm Light (3000K). Each of 3 modes boasts 11 levels of brightness.
  • Weighted Tripod Base: It will not tip over. Furthermore, it is adjustable from 17.5 inches – 51 inches. Plus it is made of premium aluminum for long-lasting performance.
  • Rotatable Phone Holder: The phone holder can easily be adjusted to settle on the desired angle.
  • 3-Year Replacement Service: The manufacturer is willing to repair parts with quality issues for 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • Versatile Performance: The ring light is ideal for live streaming, reading books, making videos, and taking photos.
  • The included tripod stand is very useful
  • Great for taking photos and videos
  • There is a Bluetooth remote
  • Allows you to pick the type of lighting you want
  • Arrives in a well-packaged box
  • The phone holder could be sturdier

2. MACTREM 6” LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

2. MACTREM 6” LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

No one can say no to a visual world that’s beautiful, glamorous, and glorious. The MACTREM 6-Inch LED Ring Light is designed to help you achieve that. What’s more, it is very cheap and that’s why we are happy to include it here. With it, you will look nicer every time you video with your friends or family. And should you make a brilliant decision of posting your images on FaceBook and Instagram, expect nothing but loads of compliments.

The 6-inch ring light is also ideal for recording YouTube videos. It brings a good lighting effect that you will really appreciate. Under its illumination, your makeup will be more dazzling and gorgeous. In a nutshell, this 6-inch ring light brings appropriate brightness and color temperature. That’s why it is suitable for many different applications.

The brightness is adjustable up to 11 levels. And this means if you want to create a much softer color, you will be able to do so without any problems. The mobile phone stand this ring light comes with is universal, and this is another plus about the product. Although its price point is within an affordable range, this ring light is fully backed by the manufacturer.


First, we must say that the price point of this streaming light is amazingly low. Second, we are very happy with the universal phone holder, as it makes this ring light very convenient to use. We are also thrilled with the after-sale service the manufacturer provides to make sure your experience with this unit is a smooth one.

Key Features
  • Universal Mobile Stand: It supports all sizes of mobile phones, including iPhone X/7 Plus, Samsung Note 8, and many more.
  • 24-Month After-Sale Service: It gives you peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer stands with its product.
  • 11-Level Light Brightness: Allows you to easily settle on the desired lighting effect to get the expected results.
  • Three Temperatures: They can be adjusted for even better results. They include warm white, white, and warm yellow.
  • USB Powered: Allows you to connect the ring light to a computer, notebook, power bank, USB ports, etc.
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • The light is equipped with 3 different light modes
  • The price is very competitive
  • Outputs a bright light
  • Light intensity is adjustable
  • Very easy to assemble
  • The material used to make the light could be sturdier

3. AIXPI 10” Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

3. AIXPI 10” Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

Like other quality streaming lights, the AIXPI 10-Inch Ring Light comes with a cell phone holder and a tripod stand. It is a high-performance ring light that will prove useful every time you need extra light to make up, take photos, make videos or live stream. The ring light comes with 120 bulbs, which is great, given that 8” and 9” ring lights have fewer.

Additionally, this ring light is fully backed by the manufacturer. And this should give you confidence in buying it knowing that you are getting a top-notch product that the manufacturer also believes in. You get a tripod stand, a user manual, a mobile chip, and a pad-tilt when you buy this ring light. Again, this is great because the more accessories, the easier it is to use the ring light.


The size of this ring light cannot go unnoticed. This is because it is large enough to provide you with the results you are looking for. What’s more, this ring light comes with a lot of accessories, including an adjustable tripod stand.


The specifications of this ring light are Material – ABS; Color – White + Black; Power Supply – USB Interface 5V; and Size – 10 inches in diameter. What’s more, this unit has up to 3 light modes; meaning you will have a much easier time settling on the desired lighting effect. You are definitely happy when your make-up turns out more attractive. And this ring light will help you achieve that among other things.

Key Features
  • Multipurpose Performance: The ring light is suitable for making up, live streaming, reading books, and making videos, among others.
  • Adjustable Tripod Stand: It can be extended from 14.5 inches – 66.9 inches. Needless to say, locking the tripod stand at a suitable length for preferred use is very easy.
  • 3 Colors Lighting Mode: They include Warm White, Warm Yellow, and White. Each mode has 10 brightness intensities to meet different needs.
  • Universal Phone Holder: It works with most smartphones with or without a case. Some of these include iPhone X/7Plus and Samsung Note 8.
  • 12-Month After-Sale Service: Ensures a hassle-free purchase of the product.
  • International Pad-Tilt: Allows you to install a camera in the middle of the ring light so you can take better photos.
  • Easy to adjust and very bright
  • The controller for the light is very easy to use
  • The phone holder works well
  • The tripod is very easy to adjust
  • The different color temperatures are amazing
  • The ring light is great for vloggers
  • Instructions could be more detailed

4. Gemwon 6 Inches Ring Light

4. Gemwon 6 Inches Ring Light

This ring light provides great lighting effects to make your skin and face clearer and more stereoscopic. It is not just ideal for streaming but also perfect for selfies, YouTube, photo, and video shooting. It is insanely affordable, and this makes it a great product for those who do not want to spend a lot on streaming lights.

Its size is 6 inches in diameter. That being said, it is evident that this ring light is not the largest on the market. However, this should not be a reason to overlook the ring light because it still has the same features as some of the largest brands on the market. It also has extra features such as power-saving LED and SMD technology.

Gemwon is an honest company that stands with its products. It provides amazing after-sale services to make sure your experience with this streaming light is an incredible one. So, regardless of what you plan to use with a ring light, this model is one you should definitely consider. It is dimmable so you can get the perfect lighting effect. Plus it comes with a universal adapter to ensure ultimate convenience.

Although this light is 6 inches in diameter, there is another model that’s 10 inches in diameter. In other words, the light is available in two different sizes, which are 10” and 6”. So, if you like the company but feel that a 6-inch ring light is a little too small, you can go for the 10-inch model.

Key Features
  • 3 Different Light Modes: They allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for outstanding results.
  • 10 Brightness Levels: They also help make customization a cakewalk by letting you adjust the intensity of the light.
  • SMD Technology and Power-saving LED Beads: They play a great role in improving the overall performance of the streaming light.
  • USB Port Design: Makes the ring light easy to connect to a laptop, computer or power bank.
  • Multiple Applications: The ring light is ideal for selfies, taking photos, shooting videos, live streaming, and YouTube.
  • Lightweight and Portable Design: Makes it possible to carry the light with you when on the go.
  • Rows appear to have the same number of LEDs
  • No filters to install or apply on the ring light
  • The ring light comes fully assembled
  • The price is hard to beat
  • Does not get hot even when used for long hours
  • The ring light is very portable
  • Not the brightest

5. Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit – 2 Packs

5. Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit – 2 Packs

You get two photography lights when you buy this package. And, given the price point, this is no doubt a great move. The photography lighting kit is affordable yet it will go a long way in helping you create stunning photos and videos. What’s more, each of the lights comes with a stand, meaning you will not need to buy any extra thing once you have invested in this kit.

Two are better than one. Therefore, we are very happy to note that these lights come in a pack of 2 for the price of one. As if that’s not enough, they come with numerous color filters, including 2 Blue Color Gel Filters, 2 Orange Color Gel Filters, 2 Red Color Gel Filters, and 2 White Color Gel Filters.

The two lights are suitable for photographing small to medium size items. They have a total of 60 LEDs and 1000 lumens. As such, their ability to provide the desired brightness cannot be questioned. Furthermore, these lights are adjustable 180 degrees and boast a maximum height of 11 inches. Although it is super affordable, this lighting kit is ideal for various applications such as video shooting and photography.

You do not need to break the bank to buy this lighting kit yet it has what it takes to do a good job of providing the much-needed light. It comes with color filters, and this further makes it convenient to use. The high ratings and several customer reviews tell it all. They are a pure indication that this lighting kit is a high-quality model that works as expected.

Key Features
  • 15W LED Continuous Lighting: Delivers true and nature colors.
  • 60 LEDs: They combine with 1000 lumens to provide great lighting.
  • Adjustable Stand: The stand can be adjusted up to 11 inches.
  • Length of the Cable: The cable that comes with this lighting kit measures 65 inches long.
  • Adjustable Angle: The angle of the lights can be adjusted 180 degrees to focus light where it’s needed.
  • Double Color Temperature: It includes 3300K and 5500K. It lets you create professional images every time you use the kit.
  • Stereoscopic Heat Holes: They effectively dissipate heat, thereby, prolonging the service life of the lights.
  • Lights do not take up too much space
  • The kit arrives well packaged and in great condition
  • The legs are very sturdy
  • The price is affordable
  • Lights are suitable for beginners
  • Would be better if lights were dimmable

6. Elgato Key Light with 2800 lumens

6. Elgato Key Light with 2800 lumens

The demand for video production has been on the rise. And it is streaming lights such as the Elgato Key Light that can help manage this. People, nowadays, want quality videos, and that can only be produced by top-notch streaming lights. Given its features, it is no doubt that Elgato Key Light is one of the units we are talking about.

It has all the crucial features, and this makes it a great purchase for professionals looking to create amazing results every time. What’s more, this streaming light is cleverly designed so you can have an easy time controlling and operating it. For instance, the hard-to-reach knobs have been replaced with a direct connection to the PC. This means if you want to tweak the lighting, you can do so from the comfort of your mouse.

The dimensions of the key light are 1.18 inches long by 13.77 inches wide by 9.84 inches high. And the weight is 2.86 pounds. From these two pieces of information, we can say that this key light is incredibly light, which is quite a surprise, considering how well made it is. It is also evident that this key light is pretty compact, and, therefore, will not take up too much room.

The only thing that’s likely to put you off about this key light is the price. It is pretty pricey. But, we repeat, that’s the only downside of this light. All in all, it is a nicely made product that serves its purpose. If you can get past the price, we are sure you will not regret having bought it.

Key Features
  • 160 Top-notch LEDs: They produce 2800 lumens to make sure you get the lighting you deserve during live streaming.
  • Control Center App: Allows you to fine-tune brightness levels and set the perfect color temperature.
  • Telescopic Steel Desk Mount and Ball Head: Very easy to adjust, meaning setting up the perfect height and lighting angle is a breeze.
  • Silky-smooth Opal Glass Face: Ensures glare-free diffusion.
  • Heavy-duty Construction: The key light is built to stand the test of time.
  • The build quality is excellent
  • Insanely easy to set up
  • Light does not leave sharp shadows
  • The color spectrum is adjustable from 2700K to 7000K
  • The vertical desk mounts are very solidly built
  • The ball mount at the top locks down securely and easily
  • Pricey, but, given its features and build quality, it is worth it

7. AceTaken Webcam Light Stand for Live Stream, Selfie Ring Light

7. AceTaken Webcam Light Stand for Live Stream, Selfie Ring Light

We have noticed that some streaming lights, despite being very affordable, are super versatile. The AceTaken Webcam Light Stand is one of them. With it, you will be able to take great selfies in the dark or make stunning videos at night. It is a nice, modern tool for live recording via a computer or smartphone. It is built with convenience in mind; hence, it is amazingly easy to use.

The phone bracket it comes with has a width ranging up to 3.5”. Needless to say, the phone bracket works with nearly all smartphones with or without a case. However, the manufacturer of this streaming light knows that it’s not just convenience that makes this unit one of the best. As such, it has made it portable.

Despite having a low price point, this ring light comes with a lot of accessories to make your work easier. Additionally, it is built with portability in mind. It is compact and lightweight so you can carry and use it anywhere at any time.

You can, therefore, carry this ring light with you anywhere you go and use it anytime. The ring light comes with a long USB cable that measures 55 inches. Plus it does not need batteries to work it. What’s more, it comes with one webcam adapter set. It measures 9.8 by 6.2 by 2.4 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds.

Key Features
  • 24.2” Gooseneck Arm: It can bend to any shape to let you take amazing photos and videos.
  • 360-degree Lazy Bracket Clip: It makes the ring light very easy to use.
  • Numerous Hue and Brightness Settings: They ensure you get just the right look.
  • USB Powered Design: Enables the ring light to work with several devices such as power bank, laptop, and PC.
  • Portable and Lightweight: This mini ring light can be carried anywhere.
  • Phone Bracket: It works with most smartphones, including iPhone 7 plus/8 plus and Samsung Note 8, etc.
  • The ring light has numerous lighting settings
  • The stand clip stays in place and has a tight grip
  • The phone appears to work with any sized phone
  • The USB charger cord is of fairly good length
  • Suitable for lots of applications, including desktop and phone video shoots
  • If connected to a computer and then turned off and on, the ring light resets to the default setting

8. Rovtop 10.2 Inch Ring Light with Stand

8. Rovtop 10.2 Inch Ring Light with Stand

You definitely need the perfect light for live streaming, photography, etc. And that perfect light can only be offered by the Rovtop 10.2 Inch Ring Light with Stand. It has 10 levels of brightness and 3 light tunes that will meet your needs for lighting under different circumstances. Besides, this ring light with stand is USB powered, and, therefore, it works with USB ports of various devices.

Since the ring light gives out great light, it is ideal for makeup. It will illuminate your face nicely yet will not blind you. By so doing, it allows you to focus on delivering the best makeup ever. What’s more, this streaming light can be used on the go because it is built with portability in mind.

It is important to note that while this ring light does not need an app to work with most devices, some devices, such as Sony Xperia S, will not work without an app. Users are, therefore, advised to download the “Camera 360” app found in the Google Play Store and then connect with the ring light.

The price of this ring light is reasonable. It is a high-performance ring light that provides enough brightness to let you carry out various activities such as creating content, shooting videos, doing homework, and many more. It illuminates a large area; thanks to its fairly large size.

Key Features
  • Bi-color LED Design: Allows you to switch the color temperature from 3200K – 5900K to meet your shooting environment needs.
  • On and Off Switch on the Cord: Eliminates the need to plug and unplug the cord.
  • 3 Light Settings: They allow you to easily set different lights according to your needs.
  • 360-Degree Adjustable Ring Head: Ensures you have an easy time getting a perfect shooting angle.
  • Metal Support: It is sturdy enough to hold up nicely and remain resistant to cracks.
  • Soft Tube: It is very flexible yet incredibly strong.
  • Comes with remote control
  • The ring light has different light settings
  • Arrives quickly and is exactly as described
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • The size is perfect for streaming and pictures
  • The phone holder is adjustable
  • The stand could have more stability

9. Amconsure 10” LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

9. Amconsure 10” LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

Like other streaming lights we have already talked about in these reviews, the Amconsure 10” LED Ring Light comes with a phone holder and a tripod stand. All these accessories are to help you get started immediately you get the ring light. Moreover, the ring light has impressive build quality; hence, you will be able to use it with peace of mind knowing that it is built to last.

It provides extra light, making it suitable for making up, reading books, taking photos, making videos, and live streaming. It features 3 colors and each of them has adjustable brightness. That being said, this ring light will easily meet your needs. What’s more, the aforementioned phone holder is universal, and this further makes the ring light easy to use.

There is also Bluetooth remote control included in the package to provide you with several options on how to use the streaming light to the maximum. The size of the streaming light is 10 inches in diameter. Needless to say, this ring light provides wide illumination to make sure every result is exceptional. Weighing just 1.3 pounds, the streaming light is light enough to easily carry from place to place.

What we like about this streaming light is that it can be used as a table lamp. It also works nicely as a desk night light for baby. It is a super versatile streaming light that will come in handy for various applications. Best of all, the price of this streaming light is not exaggerated. As such, you do not need to break the bank to get it.

Key Features
  • 3 Light Modes: They include Warm Yellow + White, Warm Yellow, and White.
  • 10 Adjustable Brightness: They will meet your needs in various circumstances.
  • Wireless Selfie Remote: Allows you to take pictures or videos from up to 30 feet away.
  • Adjustable Tripod Head: Lets you find the perfect angle to light your subject. By so doing, the adjustable tripod head makes photography and live streaming a breeze.
  • Premium Material: The streaming light is made of ABS and metal for outstanding sturdiness.
  • The 3 light modes are wonderful
  • The light can be dimmed or brightened
  • The price is inexpensive
  • Offers good lighting for self-portraits
  • Comes in nicely packed
  • The remote automatically reconnects to the last paired phone after disconnecting
  • Does not come with a plug for the outlet

10. GEEKOTO 18-inch Dimmable Ring Light with Remote Control and LCD Display

10. GEEKOTO 18-inch Dimmable Ring Light with Remote Control and LCD Display

There is a likelihood that you will not be using this dimmable ring light for one activity only. Therefore, the fact that this ring light has all the features that support customization means it should not be overlooked. Additionally, this ring light uses special SMD technology that further improves its performance. It comes in a complete kit that also includes a spherical adapter, a phone holder, an AC power adapter, a carrying bag, and 2.4G remote control.

The GEEKOTO Dimmable Ring Light makes taking photos and videos a cakewalk. This is because one ring light is what you need to achieve awesome results. Its price is higher than the price of most streaming lights we have already reviewed. Nonetheless, we do not think that should really be a concern because you get a lot of accessories. The streaming light also promises to work exactly as described.

Its dimensions are 22.8 by 21.1 by 4.4 inches and its weight is 9.75 pounds. It has some weight to it, and this is a simple indication that it is well built. Besides, the phone holder that comes with this ring light is universal and works with nearly all smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S9/S8, iPhone Xs Max/8 Plus, etc. The universal phone holder makes this ring light very convenient to use.

The only major concern about this ring light is that it is not very portable. It is heavy and large; hence, it’s not as easy to carry as other models. Also, the price is a little on the high side. But these should not stop you from buying the ring light because they do not affect performance.

Key Features
  • Remote Control: Allows you to easily adjust the color temperature and brightness without moving.
  • Locking Buckles: They let you adjust the height quickly from 19 – 73.6 inches.
  • Adjustable Head: Rotates 180 degrees so it can provide better light for different shooting requirements.
  • 360-degree Rotatable Phone Holder: Rotates your phone easily in horizontal and vertical so you can enjoy more shooting modes.
  • 576 Pieces LED Bulbs: They provide 360 degrees uniform, soft, and almost shadow-less light for lighting up your eyes and flattering skin.
  • The remote control is impressive
  • Comes in a travel case to protect it from dirt and breaking
  • The included tripod stand is heavy-duty
  • The ring light can be adjusted in any position
  • The ring light is solidly built
  • Simple to put together
  • Would be better if assembly instructions were included

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Streaming Lights

You have seen from the above reviews that different streaming lights have different price points. This means the most expensive ring lights are always not the best. Some products work well and will exceed expectations yet their price points are within an affordable range. But these products are not easy to come across unless you do a little research. And how do you do a little research? Well, you achieve that by going through the following factors.

Customizable Design

A streaming light that has customizable settings is the best bet. This is because, with such a unit, you will be able to get perfect results regardless of the circumstances. But what features make a light have a customizable design? First, for a light to be regarded as having a customizable design, it must be dimmable. A dimmable light allows you to increase and reduce brightness in order to get exceptional results. Second, your ring light must have more than one light mode for it to be regarded as having a customizable design. Different light modes will provide you with different options, thereby, making sure you meet various shooting requirements.

Build Quality

A streaming light should be of good build quality. This is because a well-made streaming light will definitely last longer. Choosing a solidly constructed ring light is even more important if you plan to rely on it for professional use. All that being said, go for a ring light made of metal. And if you must pick something made of plastic then be keen to settle on a model made of ABS plastic. This is one of the sturdiest plastic materials in the world. Ideally, you must make sure your ring light is capable of dissipating heat so it can stay cool even after hours of use. And one material that boasts better heat dissipation is aluminum. So, if you can get a ring light made of aluminum, even better.

USB Powered & Portability

Nearly all streaming lights in the above reviews are USB powered. Well, the importance of a USB powered streaming light cannot be overlooked. This is because a USB-powered streaming light can be connected to a computer, laptop, phone, and other devices that have USB ports. In a nutshell, a USB-powered streaming light is very convenient to use. Well, you will enjoy more convenience if you settle on a portable unit. Such a unit does not take up much room plus it is super lightweight so you can effortlessly carry it from place to place. Also, some units come with a carrying bag to further ensure optimum portability.

Other factors you should consider when choosing a streaming light is the length of the power cable and whether the tripod head is rotatable as well as whether the tripod stand is adjustable. You should also check the total number of LEDs.


Nothing is as good as looking at the photos and videos you took and having a feeling of satisfaction. But to take such stunning photos or to make such amazing videos, you will agree with us that proper lighting is key. And that’s where the above streaming lights come into play. They ensure you have good lighting effects every time you are making up, live streaming, taking photos or reading a book.

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