Top 10 Best Rock Climbing Ropes in 2017 Reviews

It is not uncommon to bump into a rock climbing rope in the closet of a dedicated climber. After all, that’s the main gear needed in the sport of climbing. Climbers normally take their time before they settle on a specific climbing rope to make sure that whatever they are buying is safe and top quality. Nevertheless, the process of searching for the best quality rock climbing rope can be an overwhelming task, especially with today’s flooded market.

For this reason, we bring you the top 10 best rock climbing ropes reviews to help narrow down your options and make your work easier. Products listed here are high quality since we have thoroughly assessed them before making an in-depth compilation. They are also super versatile and can be used for climbing, hiking, rescue, and survival, among others. Therefore, be sure to go through the article and choose a desirable climbing rope.

1. Ingenuity 10M (32ft) Rock Climbing Rope

1. Ingenuity 10M (32ft) Rock Climbing Rope

The Ingenuity 10M (32ft) Rock Climbing Rope comes with everything you need to ensure ultimate convenience. It is highly versatile; hence, you will find it handy for handling innumerable tasks. Best of all, this climbing rope is CE certified to help improve your confidence in using it.


. Reinforced polyester material: It is durable and offers long lasting performance.

. Two hooks: They are in both ends of the rope and help satisfy all of your activities.

. Versatile capability: The rope is ideal for rock climbing, mountaineering, and more.

. Convenient functionality: The item is highly portable and easy to clean.

. Sturdy design: The rock climbing rope can withstand weight up to 300kg.

2. Kissloves Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope

2. Kissloves Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope

Lightweight and compact, the Kissloves Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope will take virtually no space in your backpack. In other words, it is really easy to carry from one place to another. This rope is also versatile, and, therefore, has very many applications.


. High-quality craftsmanship: The rope offers high resistance to moisture, high strength, and low stretch.

. Two hooks: They help improve safety when the rope is in use.

. Lightweight and compact design: Makes it easy to take the rope anywhere.

. High-strength nylon: It is sturdy and easy to clean.

. High strength skin polyester: It is durable, and, therefore, will last long.

3. ROSY CLOUDS 15M (49ft) Rock Climbing Auxiliary Rope

3. ROSY CLOUDS 15M (49ft) Rock Climbing Auxiliary Rope

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then the ROSY CLOUDS 15M (49ft) Rock Climbing Auxiliary Rope will be the best product you have ever come across. It is designed with versatility in mind and durable enough to withstand all rigorous outdoor uses.


. High strength polyester yarn: It is wear-resistant as well as durable and strong.

. High-end machine sewing: The rope is tightly woven with thick knit for enhanced performance.

. Versatile functionality: The auxiliary rope is perfect for rock climbing, rescue, high-altitude work, and mountaineering.

. Sturdy craftsmanship: Enables the rope to withstand an applicable force up to 300kg.

. Two buckles: They improve safety.

4. Singing Rock NFPA Static Rope (R44)

4. Singing Rock NFPA Static Rope (R44)

Singing Rock knows that you want a sturdy rope that will not disappoint. As such, it has equipped the R44 Static Rope with the Route 44 technology. And this makes the item the only mountain climbing rope with this type of high performing technology.


. Route 44 technology: It allows blending properties of ropes, thereby, delivering exceptional results.

. Multiple uses: The rope is perfect for work positioning, rescue operation, and military, among others.

. Thick sheath: It promotes high durability and long life.

. Five different colors: They include black, white, olive, red, and orange.

. Lightweight material: It makes it super easy to carry the rope from place to place.

5. LINSGROUP Rock Climbing Rope (Diameter 12mm)

5. LINSGROUP Rock Climbing Rope (Diameter 12mm)

The time to take outdoor fun is now. And you need the LINSGROUP Rock Climbing Rope to achieve this. It is an affordable yet essential piece of rope designed to do wonders. Moreover, it is sturdy, meaning you will be able to use it for a pretty long time.


. Several colors: The rope can be used for exploring caves, rescue, climbing, and hiking, among others.

. Six different colors: They include black, blue, green, orange, red, and yellow.

. Premium quality material: It is a combination of high strength nylon and high-strength skin polyester.

. Three sizes: They include 10M (32ft), 20M (64ft), and 30M (96ft).

. Reliable static tension: It is 3300kg; thus, it enhances peerless performance.

6. Titan Paracord MIL-SPEC 550 Military Survival Cordage

6. Titan Paracord MIL-SPEC 550 Military Survival Cordage

Specially designed for applications that require strength and durability, the Titan Paracord Survival Cordage will instantly be your favorite product. It is the true definition of superior durability and ultimate compactness; therefore, expect optimum satisfaction. This rope is also versatile and can be used in almost everything.


. Numerous uses: The rope is perfect for camping, hunting, disaster prep, and crafting projects, among others.

. Several color options: Allow you to choose the best color that matches your aesthetic.

. Lifetime guarantee: Promotes worry-free buying experience.

. Convenient craftsmanship: The rope is 100-percent kink-free, bulge-free, and bump-free.

. 100-percent nylon material: It is easy to clean and durable enough to ensure long-lasting performance.

7. SGT Knots Utility Rope

7. SGT Knots Utility Rope

If you are in the market looking for an all-purpose and all-weather rope, look no further than the SGT Knots Utility Rope. Just as its name suggests, this rope has innumerable uses, and it is designed to tackle any outdoor activity.


. Several color options: Give you the opportunity to choose a desirable color without much fuss.

. Multi-purpose craftsmanship: The rope is perfect for climbing, equestrian, cargo, and bug out bag, among others.

. SGT KNOTS Guarantee: It improves confidence during purchase.

. Nylon material: It is easy to clean and super durable.

. Sturdy design: Enables the rope to keep loads secured in the bed of the truck.

8. Crown Sporting Goods 1.5-inch Climbing Rope

8. Crown Sporting Goods 1.5-inch Climbing Rope

The Crown Sporting Goods 1.5-inch Climbing Rope is designed to enhance your fitness. It is extremely durable and arguably the best climbing rope you will ever come across. Ideally, it comes without any knots, meaning you can customize it for workouts or keep it knotless for a challenging climb.


. Braided polyester Dacron: It enhances the durability of the rope and allows for several climbs.

. Polydac material: It is softer, and this makes it perfect for a more challenging workout.

. Multipurpose use: The climbing rope is suitable for wrestling, gymnastics, obstacle course races, and boot camp, among others.

. Thick, flexible design: It makes the climbing rope ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

. Heavy-duty metal eyehook: It ensures an easy attachment to almost all climbing surfaces.

9. Titan Fitness Poly Battle Rope

9. Titan Fitness Poly Battle Rope

One fascinating thing about the Titan Fitness Poly Battle Rope is that you can tie it up in the rafters and use it to climb. It is an intelligently designed battle rope that comes equipped with everything to ensure ultimate convenience.


. Poly Dacron material: It is resistant to wear and very durable.

. Long comfortable handles: They make the rope easy to handle.

. Heavy-duty craftsmanship: The rope will not fray.

. Three different lengths: They include 30, 40, and 50 feet.

. Several benefits: The rope builds core and arm strength plus it is perfect for burning fat and calories.

10. RopeFit Manila Climbing Rope

10. RopeFit Manila Climbing Rope

This innovative rock climbing rope is hand made by certified riggers in the United States. As such, expect it to deliver when and where it is needed. The rope is thoughtfully crafted and will quickly become your favorite, especially if mountaineering is your hobby.


. Heat shrink end caps: They prevent fraying.

. Several lengths: They allow you to choose a desirable length.

. Hand spliced knotted loop: It ensures effortless knotting to any sturdy anchor point.

. Non-toxic, biodegradable cordage oil: It is safe and great for preserving the natural fibers of the rope.

. Sturdy craftsmanship: Helps ensure unmatched longevity.

If you are a dedicated climber looking for top quality climbing ropes, this compilation is for you. It brings you the best quality climbing ropes at incredibly affordable prices. Furthermore, rock climbing ropes listed here are extremely versatile; thus, can be relied on for a number of activities. The time to take your climbing experience to the next level is now, and these highly functional ropes will help you achieve that.

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