Top 10 Best Baseball Pitching Nets in 2017 Reviews & Training Guide!

If you are a baseball pitcher and want to make your college or school team, or even the major leagues, you have to practice more than you can possibly imagine. While there are many ways of practicing, the most effective way you can consider is by having your own pitching net. Through this, you will be able to develop your skills at your own pace without interference from anyone. Baseball pitching nets have been around for quite a long time. They are mostly used for practice, with some versatile enough for soccer and basketballs. Since the primary task of this equipment is to help with training, it’s important that you go for premium quality ones. After all, you want something that can last for ages and transform you into an elite player within minutes. Here, in these top 10 best baseball pitching nets reviews, we bring you top quality products from the world’s most trusted manufacturers.

These 10 products are thoroughly researched and in-depth comparison made, meaning you’ll have easy time getting the best product. So, be sure to go through this compilation and then settle on that product you feel has everything you want. We’ve also included a baseball softball training guide to help you have some background knowledge on what you should exactly do to become a pro!

1. PowerNet Baseball and Softball Practice Net

1. PowerNet Baseball and Softball Practice Net

There are numerous pitching nets on the market, so it is important that you do your research properly. Well, PowerNet Baseball and Softball Practice Net is one of the best pitching nets you can settle on. It is equipped with numerous features including a lifetime warranty that allows you to buy with confidence knowing any defect will be rectified.


PowerNet came into existence because of one goal. And that was to provide elite sports training equipment to parents, coaches, and players of all ages. So far, the company has achieved exactly that goal, as parents, coaches, and players rely on its products for training and even in competitions. It is a well-organized company with offices in New Zealand, USA, Canada, and Australia.


· Durable material: Makes this practice net strong and capable of lasting for ages.

· Portable design: Allows you to carry the training net for in-field practice, tee-ball practice, soft-toss, and softball and baseball pitching practice.

· Uniquely designed bow frame: It allows the slight bend of the poles to allow for flex.

· Sturdy structural net: Capable of resisting all levels of throwing, pitching, and hitting stress.

2. Franklin Sports MLB 2-in-1 Pitch Target & Return Trainer Set

2. Franklin Sports MLB 2-in-1 Pitch Target & Return Trainer Set

Be a skillful thrower and keep the game moving with this 2-in-1 high-quality set. It features a pitch target on one side and a ball trainer on the other, meaning you’ll have virtually everything for team practice or just for fun. Despite its innovative design, this pitching net is within an affordable range.


Franklin Sports was founded in 1946 by brothers Irving and Sydney Franklin. It was founded in Brockton, MA and later, as it grew, it moved to a larger facility in Stoughton, MA. Although Franklin Sports started as a business specializing in producing leather sporting products that majorly targeted the youth, it has expanded successfully and now has distribution partners in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, and Australia.


· Heavy-duty 600-denier polyester material: The material is reinforced with bungee netting system for elevated durability.

· Baked enamel frame: It measures 44 inches wide by 61 inches high and is 0.875 inches thick for enhanced performance.

· Lifelike, silk screened catcher: It has a defined strike zone that helps pitchers maintain their accuracy.

· Other features: They include Infinite Angle adjustment system, Easy Click assembly buttons, and removable storage bag.

3. Rukket Sports 5×5 Baseball & Softball Practice Net

3. Rukket Sports 5x5 Baseball & Softball Practice Net

This baseball practice net from Rukket Sports is all you need to up your training experience. It is specially designed for both beginners and professionals. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble and safe for use. Buy this baseball pitching net with confidence, knowing it is backed by a lifetime warranty including lifetime replacement parts.


Rukket Sports boasts a dedicated team that highly values your business. It is one of the few manufacturing companies whose primary marketing is done by word of mouth as well as demonstration of the superior design and value of their products. The company has come up with a philosophy that emphasizes constant innovation, so expect quality items from them.


· Strike zone target: Makes this a perfect pitching, fielding, and throwing for your softball or baseball players.

· Weatherproof steel frame: Ensures the pitching net is suitable for all kinds of weather.

· Resilient, weather-resistant netting: Improves the durability of the pitching net.

· Fold-up design and angled frame: They make storage and transport a breeze.

· Convenient carry bag: Also makes the practice net easy to transport.

4. Bownet 7’ x 7’ Big Mouth Baseball Pitching Net

4. Bownet 7’ x 7’ Big Mouth Baseball Pitching Net

Parents, coaches, and players of all ages love the 7’ x 7’ Big Mouth Baseball Pitching Net because it is easy to set up, portable, and has outstanding reliability during practice. It is one of the most reliable softball and baseball training nets you’ll ever come across on the market. Ideally, it is backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty for worry-free buying experience. Use this bow net baseball anywhere, anytime.


Bownet is known for its ability to manufacture a brand new, innovative product every time. Well, a good example of these products is the 7’ x 7’ Big Mouth, which has rapidly become the most reliable pitching target net in the industry. Its products are durable, and this comes as no surprise, considering Bownet’s dedication and resilience in maintaining the quality of its products.


· Powder coated steel frame: It is constructed with composite BOW-poles that give this pitching net its amazing strength and long-lasting durability throughout the years.

· Rubber non-marking feet: They help in maintaining stance and traction indoor and outdoor.

· Proprietary energy absorption system technology: Gives players the opportunity to practice with a training net that diffuses ball energy throughout the poles and net for lifetime performance.

· Zippered carrying bag: It has straps that make it easy to carry after you have kept your bag.

5. PowerNet DLX 7 x 7 Baseball and Softball Practice Net

5. PowerNet DLX 7 x 7 Baseball and Softball Practice Net

PowerNet values its customers and that’s why it has backed this product with a lifetime warranty. Made for batting practices and various drills, the DLX 7 x 7 Baseball and Softball Practice Net is arguably the best pitching net in the industry. It is a bow net baseball that’s perfect for parents, coaches, and athletes of all ages and levels.


PowerNet has partnered with MLB professionals to elevate the quality of its products. In fact, the company’s partnership with MLB professionals has led their research in developing pro-grade gear. PowerNet takes great pride in producing the highest quality products at 35% – 50% less than its competitors. This strategy has made the company expand rapidly to the extent that they are able to increase store traffic for their retailers.


· Strike zone target: It helps players develop pitching accuracy.

· 7’ x 7’ design: Allows for a large backstop for a variety of practice drills.

· Bow frame: Promotes flexibility to ensure hard impacts do not damage the net.

· Sturdy base: It is slightly elevated off the ground to provide a solid base with optimal performance in mind.

6. PowerNet Pro Bundle

6. PowerNet Pro Bundle

Save money by buying this pitching target from PowerNet. It comes with the manufacturer’s most and highly rated products that make it among the best in its class. Aside from pitching, this versatile baseball practice net is handy for baseball softball hitting, soft toss practice, drills, and fielding. It is used and endorsed by professional baseball players, meaning you can rely on it too for outstanding results.


Whether you are a beginner or a pro, PowerNet brands are what you should look for. This is because this company puts athletes in mind, and its products are user-friendly. Moreover, PowerNet provides a warranty and guarantee on a number of products to make sure you have no hassle even when the product you have just bought has manufacturing defects.


· Adjusting travel tee: It effortlessly sets up to offer quick practice sessions anytime, anywhere.

· Foldable design: Allows the equipment to fit in any baseball bag or bat bag.

· Batting practice caddy: It is a completely lightweight and portable ball caddy designed to replace balls used for Baseball softball drills.

· Strike zone target: It helps in developing pitching accuracy.

7. Easton XLP Catch Net

7. Easton XLP Catch Net

If you are an older player looking for a premium quality baseball pitching net, look no further than the Easton XLP Catch Net. Like most top performing pitching nets, the XLP Catch Net is perfect for a larger pitching or fielding target. With this net, you’ll be able to catch as many balls as possible.


Easton Sports Inc. is a privately owned Van Nuys, California-based manufacturer of sports equipment. It was founded in 1922 by Doug Easton who started by using aluminum to make arrow shafts and later on incorporated the business. It’s now 95 years since Easton Sports Inc., was founded yet the company has continued to be a consistent innovator. Easton Sports Inc. is headed by Jim Easton, the son of Doug Easton.


· Double stitching: It protects against wear and tear.

· Heavy-duty netting: Brings in the much-needed durability and longevity.

· Massive target area: Makes the unit ideal for a larger fielding/pitching target.

· Functional convenience: The pitching net sets up within a cinch and fits easily into a travel bag for easy transportation.

8. SKLZ Quickster Baseball Net

8. SKLZ Quickster Baseball Net

Easy to pack, carry, and store, the SKLZ Quickster Baseball Net is arguably the most reliable pitching target net. Since it is lightweight and boasts all the aforementioned three qualities, this baseball net can be used anywhere, anytime. It comes with a pitching target, ground stakes, and carry bag.


SKLZ came into existence because it wanted to help serious athletes prepare for game day. It designs and manufactures top of the line training equipment and gear to make sure you have high-performing facilities for elevated training experience. The manufacturing company produces soccer, basketball, and baseball equipment. So, choose its brand depending on the sport, and use the brand to improve your training and performance.


· Ultra-durable design: Makes the pitching net perfect for high-intensity training.

· Sturdy and stable frame: Ensures both youth and elite players can find the baseball net handy.

· Composite steel & fiberglass Tension-Tite construction: Improves the longevity of the net.

· Removable pitching target: Promotes accuracy during training.

9. PowerNet I-Screen with Frame and Carry

9. PowerNet I-Screen with Frame and Carry

PowerNet has a lasting solution for players, coaches, and parents looking for a perfect portable protection net for batting practices. The I-Screen Baseball Pitching Net, as it is known, is designed for baseball and softball use. The system boasts a net that fits PowerNet 7 x 7 Hitting net, and this makes it worth relying on for practices.


PowerNet knows what players want and it does not stop there. It goes ahead to give them exactly what they want. It produces a variety of sports equipment to help players nurture their skills and become elite players within a short period. Moreover, a number of its products are backed by a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind whenever you decide to purchase one.


· I-Screen net: It is durable and perfect for high-intensity training.

· Carry bag: Makes the system easy to carry when practice is over.

· Lifetime warranty: Protects against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

· Baseball-softball protection screen: Improves the performance of the unit.

10. Champion Sports Net Pitch Back Screen

10. Champion Sports Net Pitch Back Screen

Designed for backyards, parks, and school, the Champion Sports Net Pitch Back Screen is one of the most versatile pitching nets. It is great for anyone who wants to improve their skills in baseball softball games. Use it to practice kicking, batting catching, and throwing; thanks to its wide range of features.


Champion Sports has been producing premium quality fitness, sports, and physical education equipment since 1961. The company was founded by Bernard and Dolores Meller in Bronx, NY. Bernard Meller made his first piece of sports equipment in his basement. He worked side-by-side with Dolores to run what is now Champion Sports. Through their hard work, the company expanded, and today, Champion Sports carry more than 2,000 products that are tailored for the team and individual athletic market, physical education programs, fitness enthusiast, and the educational market.


· Time-saving functionality: This bow net baseball assembles and adjusts quickly and easily for more playing time.

· Versatile design: Allows this baseball pitching net to be used for basketballs or soccer.

· 1-1/4-inch diameter powder coated steel frame: It provides incredible durability.

· Large heavy-duty 42-inch x 72-inch net: It rotates to various angles to assist with drills for many different sports.

· Square target in the middle: It helps in improving accuracy.

There are a lot of things to consider before you purchase a baseball pitching net. First, the strength of the frame, as this promotes stability as well as helps in high-intensity training. Second is the versatility, and last is the quality of the net. Price does not matter much since most of these products are not costly. Luckily, you won’t have to consider the 3 factors, as products listed above have everything it takes to turn a beginner into a pro.

Training Guide for Baseball Pitcher

One of the most important things in baseball is to throw the ball consistently without losing velocity. However, beginners and other older players may find this a daunting task. That’s why we have come up with this comprehensive training guide to help you get started.

Training Guide 1: Movement Prep

Movement prep can be done consecutively as a team or in a circuit fashion. It is a four-component initial segment where each component can be carried out in a circuit within each category, depending on the number of pitchers in each group. Pitchers can adjust the order of each segment to meet team or individual needs. Movement prep consists of Dynamic warm-up, which is initiated with a foot speed drill to increase neurological efficiency; Soft tissue work which addresses tissue quality in athletes; and Pre-Hab and Mobility, which is used to identify the needs of the sport first followed by the needs of the individual athlete.

Training Guide 2: Reactive Method

Pitching is first performed in the frontal, followed by transverse, and lastly sagittal planes of movements. Pitchers should consider reactive methods like swings, jumps, and throws, which are handy when it comes to developing explosive power with similar sequencing pattern as throwing. Ideally, strength and conditioning coaches should not try to simulate the actual throwing pattern by mimicking sports specific movements, as this can tamper with throwing mechanics. Remember, the object should help the pitcher to develop power throw increased strength and more efficient movement patterns.

Training Guide 3: Strength Training

Strength training is essential in baseball, considering that all other qualities are based on it. However, this training guide has been misinterpreted in many occasions. Most coaches think that maximal strength gains mean more proficient technical skill. Unfortunately, this is not true, as the potential to throw with more velocity occurs when a pitcher is able to gain more strength development and still be in a position to throw a baseball with efficient mechanics. Pitchers should not stop the high-intensity training at any point of the season. For outstanding results, consider the following during strength training:

· Insert as many neutral grip presses and pulls that focus predominately in a horizontal plane.

· Incorporate presses, which either minimize the range of motion or minimize the load during the most disadvantageous positions.

· Make good use of box squats for all squat variations.

· Avoid Olympic lifts, especially clean variations, in-season.

Training Guide 4: Commitments

Although a number of coaches refer to this training guide with various names, the goal is the same. Commitments help athletes include additional work that addresses muscular imbalances or designate additional technique work. It can also help them allot additional time to take ownership in the workout. Athletes can treat commitments as simple circuit choices that empower them to construct their own agendas while training within the parameters of the program. It should be equipment-based in order to get rid of logistical concerns and non-quantifiable load parameters to minimize the extra-tracking workloads for trainers.

That’s it. If you want to become an elite player, don’t hesitate to follow these guidelines. They have everything a beginner or older player needs to become a star. Furthermore, they address all the training basics for a complete training program. Add them to your training schedule and consult with your coach for noticeable results.

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  1. Given that they come in a variety of designs and sizes, it is important to carry out a comprehensive review before going out to shop. Conducting a comprehensive review will not only help you get the best product but also will prevent you from visiting shops every now and then in the name of buying a pitching net. The following best pitching nets reviews will help you get exactly what you have been looking for.

    #Rukket 5×5 Baseball & Softball Practice Net: This multi-function baseball and softball net is a significant tool for any level athlete who desires to up his or her game. The pitching net features a rigid yet lightweight frame to support it and enable it outlast any of the cheaper alternative out there at a truly competitive price. With a total weight of 10.5lbs, this net is portable and its versatility will make you become an elite. It is excellent as a soft toss or pitching target as well as a backstop during batting practice.

    #Franklin Sports Pitch Target and Return Trainer Set: Franklin Sports Pitching Net is perfect for fun and training on the field or in the backyard. The MLB 2-in-1 combination set includes a traditional ball-return pitching trainer on one side, and Franklin’s unique pitch trainer target and patented ball collection system with removable storage bag on the other side. The heavy-duty 600-dernier polyester material is upgraded with a bungee netting system for improved durability, while the baked enamel has dimensions of 44 inches wide by 61 inches high and is 0.875 inches thick. The Franklin Sports Pitching Net features infinite angle adjustment system and easy click assembly buttons for convenience.

    #Rukket Baseball & Softball 7 x 7 Practice Net: Rukket Baseball & Softball Practice Net is an innovative and affordable pitching net whose durability and portability makes it perfect in-field practice, softball and baseball pitching, soft toss, and tree-ball practice. Its uniquely designed bow frame enables the slight bend of the poles to give more flex and the outcome is a sturdy structural net that will take on all levels of throwing, hitting, and pitching stress. The lifetime warranty enables you to purchase this item with full confidence knowing that should you find anything defective for the life of the product, the manufacturer will ship replacement parts free of charge promptly.

    #SKLZ Baseball Quickster Net: The Quickster Pitching Net uses a revolutionary patented design, and this allows it to represent the most efficient and convenient multi-sport net ever manufactured. It only takes 90 seconds to fully assemble the net and even less to take it down. The larger coverage area implies more confidence while training, and the net fully covers prevent sagging or drooping like other nets. The Quickster Pitching Net gives you a remarkable chance to train anywhere since it fits perfectly into a carry-bag that will not take up extra storage space.

    #SKLZ Youth Pitchback Rebound Nets: The Youth Pitchback Pitching net features a sturdy screen, which stimulates line drives, ground balls, and pop flies. The pitching net includes strike zone target ribbon for pitchers. Its sturdy multi-position makes it perfect for baseball and softball players, and its heavy-duty construction enhances its durability. The fold-up design and angled frame makes transport and storage easy, while the ground stakes are included for stability.

    #Franklin Sports Switch-Hitter Return Trainer: This pitching net is a 3-way throw, and it has field Trainer on one side, with a pitch Trainer target and ball collection system on the other. The heavy-duty all weather 24-ply PE net with target ribbon promotes durability, while the flip style switch-hitter pitch target adjusts for right and left hand batters for optimum performance. The frame of the Franklin Sports Pitching Net has a size of 55-by-36 and the diameter steel construction is for stability and durability.

    #Easton XLP Catch Net: This 7-foot XLP training pitching net is perfect for a larger pitching /fielding target or older players and it is designed to catch as many balls as possible. Apart from fitting easily into a travel bag, the pitching net sets up in less than a minute. It uses heavy-duty netting and stitching double to enhance durability by preventing against wear and tear. The Easton XLP Catch Net comes with ground stakes as well as a removable strike zone target for best results.

    #Rawlings Comebacker and Pitching Target: Rawlings Comebacker & Pitching Target is not only lightweight but also a travel-size training tool, which allows you to keep your pitching skills sharp, regardless of where you are. Its frame is constructed using a sturdy, weather-resistant carbon steel and its easy-to-assemble parts require no extra tools to be assembled. The durable comeback net gives you a splendid chance to field grounders or fly balls, while the life-size catcher’s target is excellent for pitching practice. The pitching net comes with a handy instruction booklet for noticeable results.

    #Franklin Sports MLB Flyback Multiposition Return Trainer: Learn to field grounders, line-drives, and pop-ups without needing a batter with the Franklin Sports MLB Pitching Net. A durable steel frame provides support to the piece featuring a taut 30-ply polyethylene net, which rebounds ball energetically. Adjustable legs give you a sparkling chance to fine-tune the return angle for proper practice. The Franklin Sports MLB Pitching Net comes in either 65- or 68-inch models to ensure there is something for everyone.

    #Bow Net Baseball Portable Zone Counter: This add on accessory comes with a free drawstring carry bag measuring 5 inches by 29 inches. It only takes 30 seconds to set up, and even less than that to take down. It features webbing adjustment for different height zones, and it is excellent for pitching or throwing accuracy. The Bow Net Baseball Portable Zone Counter perfectly fits on the Big Mouth, Mini Backstop Hitting Station, and Soft Toss.

    Training and practicing has never been this great, thanks to the above top 10 best pitching nets reviews. Featuring unique designs and styles, the pitching nets in these reviews are arguably the best pitching nets on the market today. They have stunning features that ensure you train or practice to the fullest. Furthermore, their prices are within an affordable range, and this gives you a stunning chance to get the best product.

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