Top 10 Best Nerf Bows and Arrows in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Are you having a hard time getting your kids to play outdoors? Well, maybe it is time you think about your gift choice. A kickass gaming computer is great, but you shouldn’t expect your kid to leave his room once you get this as a gift for his birthday. The Nerf Bows and Arrows is a fantastic choice if you are looking to keep your bambino playing outside for hours.

Besides keeping your kids indulged in interactive play, these sets also help your kids exercise. Also, these educational toys teach your kids about teamwork and fair play. It gets better, these kits also enable your kids to develop hand-eye coordination as well as enhance their athletic skills. The best thing about the best Nerf Bows and Arrows is that they are fun and safe for all kids.

Unlike the traditional Nerf guns, the Nerf archery sets are much better and easy to use. In this guide, we have done detailed research and found the top 10 best Nerf Bows and Arrows along with helpful pointers that assist you in selecting the right one for your budding archer.

Table Best Nerf Bows and Arrows

1. Marky Sparky Bow 3 set

1. Marky Sparky Bow 3 set

The Marky Sparky Faux Bow set provides your little one with a real crossbow action. The set consists of a high-quality crossbow, six arrows, and bow arms. For enhanced safety, this unit comes with soft tip arrows that don’t cause any harm to your kids. The model is recommended for kids that are above eight years.

Notably, this set is crafted from high-grade materials to ensure optimal performance. The player can easily store the arrows on the crossbow for simple access when playing the game. Another lovable feature is realistic design and function. Unlike other models, the arrows make a whistling sound during firing.

Designed for kids, yes, but this arrow shoots straight and impressively far. The bow shoots the arrow over 100 feet at incredible speeds. Similarly, this unit comes in a lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry while out on an adventure. For easy storage and portability, you can remove the launch tube.

Fun for all; this faux bow is an ideal choice for both girls and boys. It is a great game for the backyard as well as active fun outside. The foam tip arrows ensure your safety while the real bow feel makes it a fun toy for your kids. You can also join in the fun and strengthen your bond with your kids.

Key Features
  • The quiver holds six arrows
  • Shoots for a long distance at high speeds
  • The arrow tip is made of foam to enhance your safety
  • Durable, lightweight and real like design
  • It comes with strong, durable construction
  • Decent range of over 100 feet
  • Slim, lightweight and easy to carry
  • The removable loader makes it compact for simple storage
  • Arrows are not as high quality as the bow

With a decent 100 feet distance, realistic functionality, and durable construction, this unit is a great choice for older kids and teens. It is made from sturdy materials that ensure excellent performance for years. The high capacity quiver also keeps the arrows within reach while the arrow themselves have a foam tip for enhances safety. Overall, this is a great buy for outdoor fun together with your kids.

2. GoBroBrand Bow and Arrow Set

2. GoBroBrand Bow and Arrow Set

When the kids get older, it is hard to find a perfect gift for them. And, if you are one of those parents who hate seeing their kids glued to their seats playing computer games, then this is a great birthday present. The GoBroBrand bows and arrows set are fun, safe and good learning equipment for your kids. We love the lightweight and compact design that is easy to carry wherever your adventure takes you.

Don’t limit the playtime only in the daytime. This set lights up to illuminate the area. You can play for an extended time even at night. The set comes with six suction cups arrows, a bow, a quiver, and a target. This means you get everything that you need for an exciting archery game.

Interestingly, this set will allow every member of the family to play an exciting game at his or her backyard and other outdoor spaces. While it is recommended for kids above, the age of six years, teens, and adults can also join in the fun. Even better, unlike other sets, this archery set comes with more arrows. Moreover, not just any arrows, you get six safe suction cup arrows.

Construction-wise, this set is made from premium, safe materials that will not affect your family’s health. The materials are also sturdy and durable. Equally, we love the lightweight design that makes the set easy to carry. The three light settings also make it a fun and safe bow to use even at night.

Key Features
  • The set comes with six suction cup arrows
  • Made from strong, lightweight and safe materials
  • The bow has three lighting settings
  • Helps your kid sharpen their accuracy, collaboration skills, and hand-eye coordination
  • The bow lights up allowing you to use it at night
  • Lets your kids have fun and sharpen their skills
  • It comes fully assembled
  • Great for outdoor activity thanks to the lightweight design
  • Slightly higher price tag but worth every penny especially considering the advance features included

Let your kids have fun outdoors while sharpening their hand-eye coordination, accuracy and collaboration skills with this archery set. This real powerhouse makes you feel like a real archer. It comes with everything you need to get started and serves you well during the day and night.

3. Dude Perfect Signature Nerf Bow

3. Dude Perfect Signature Nerf Bow

Are you looking for an exciting family game for the weekend? The Dude perfect signature bow lets you enjoy a thrilling archery game with friends and family. This set enables you to show off your signature shots or take part in tournaments with your peers. Even better, this cleverly designed model will also help you practice targeting skills and hone your archery skills.

It’s time to go big; different from other models, the bow has a whopping 42 inches longs and enables you to refine your aim or practice complex shots easily. This unit comes in a streamlined and sturdy construction that withstands repeated use in a challenging environment. Each feature is made from durable materials that serve you diligently for a long time.

It gets better; this model comes with a target. This enables you to practice your aim and perform complex stunts. The set fires up to a distance of 105 feet. This is a decent distance when shooting cans, or other targets. You can either set your shots or let the arrow fly. With a little practice, you can show off your accuracy skills by launching trick shots or trying to hit a moving target.

This is not all; this model does not only have an authentic feel but also makes that whistling sound as the arrows fly through the air. It also includes high quality yet safe arrows that are lightweight to fly at incredible speeds. The two arrows have a soft tip, which makes them safe for your family and friends.

Key Features
  • The set includes two lightweight and safe arrows
  • It includes a premium bow and a target
  • Has a great firing distance of up to 105 feet
  • The arrows make a whistling sound when fired
  • Oversized design with a realistic feel
  • It enables you to train how to hunt
  • Safe, and easy to bring outdoors
  • It is made from durable materials
  • The set includes only two arrows

Gather your friends around and show off your impressive archery skills with this signature bow from Dude perfect. As mentioned, this oversized bow set has feels like a real bow. The oversized design also enables you to make colossal stunt shots. What’s more, with premium construction, this model enables you to practice and take you’re hunting skills to the next level.

4.Toysery Bow and Arrow for Kids

4.Toysery Bow and Arrow for Kids

The Toysery Bow and arrow set brings you a real bow action. It includes all the crucial features that you need for an exciting archery game. To start, this unit comes with a sturdy archery bow with an authentic feel. Next, it comes with five suction arrows, a handy quiver, and a target. We love the safe suction arrows without compromising the distance and speed. Besides, it is made from non-toxic ABS materials that are durable and safe.

With a precise design, this archery set will enables you develop and hone your archery skills. The robust yet slim design also makes it a great pick for both boys and girls aged eight and above. Also, thanks to the safe design, this model makes a perfect gift for your kids.

Speaking of gifts, this model makes an excellent choice for parents looking for a present that encourages their kids to get outside. Besides enabling your kid has fun, the unit also sharpens your kid’s coordination, fine motor skills and trains them how to hunt from a tender age.

Additionally, this unit comes in a lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry. The specially designed soft shooting pore and suckers makes it a safe toy for kids. Even better, this set operated like a real bow. This develops your kid’s hand-eye coordination as well as sharpening your shooting skills.

Key Features
  • Crafted from strong and durable materials
  • The sturdy construction still manages to retain a lightweight design
  • Offer better archery skills
  • Includes six arrows with suction tips
  • Wider age bracket; ideal for kids aged from 6 years
  • Straightforward operation makes it a great choice for beginners
  • Helps your kid sharpen his shooting skills and fine motor skills
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • Fewer color choices

With a great capacity, incredible speed, and distance, the Toysery bow set is an excellent gift for young kids and teenagers. This set features suction arrows that ensure precision and safety. Its ingenious design also feels like a real bow. For this reason, your kid will be eager to get outdoor and show off his/her skills. Moreover, the set has a modern design and a highly durable construction.

5. Marky Sparky Faux Bow Pro

5. Marky Sparky Faux Bow Pro

Instead of purchasing a Smartphone or gaming computer that keeps them grounded indoors, encourage your kids play outside with this fun bow set. This archery set boosts your kid’s collaboration, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor and aiming skills. Having been crafted from durable materials, this bow and arrow set is safe for your entire family.

Forget the substandard sets on the market; this unit comes with patented impact arrows that are similar to those you will find in a real crossbow. The uniquely designed arrows feature a lightweight design and shoots over two hundred feet.

The bow of fiberglass ad is connected to a three-capacity arrow clop quiver. The archery set is made from premium grade non-latex materials, which are safe for your kids. In addition, you will love the realistic bow action. With amazing speed and distance, this set lets you shoot targets that are 200 feet away.

Your safety is neither compromised! This set comes with lightweight arrows with foam tips. If you are looking for a perfect gift that will excite and fuel your kid’s imagination, this unit will not let you down. Besides the fun, this set will also sharpen your kids mind and skills.

Key Features
  • Stronger, faster, and professional design
  • Made of high quality materials for enhanced durability
  • Comes with safe arrows with foam tips
  • Impressive speeds and distance of over 200 feet
  • Helps you improve your hunting skills
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • High performance, feels like a real bow
  • Compact and easy to carry wherever your adventure takes you
  • Not ideal for young kids

The Marky Sparky Faux Bow Pro is not a toy for young kids. It has the feel of a real bow and shoots at incredible speed. This is why it is recommended for kids over the age of ten years. This makes it a perfect choice for parents who are looking to have some outdoor fun with their kids/teens. Additionally, thanks to the removable launch tube, this model is easy to carry and store.

6. SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrows

6. SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrows

Having been designed with durability and maximum fun in mind, the SaintSmart Jr. Bow set delivers the feel of a true archer’s bow. This set provides your kids with the entertainment they need to push them out of the house and play with their friends outdoors. This set brings a real shooting experience that engages your kid and helps them hone hand-eye coordination and sharpen their accuracy.

The set gives your champ a thrilling game that brings a whole new level of experience when playing outdoors. It comes with five suction cup arrows and a full feature quiver. The arrows have a safe suction tip that ensures enhanced safety. The bow realistic feels make is enjoyable to use. It can also be used as a great practice toy to improve his skills as well as developing an outgoing personality.

With an automatic illuminating bow, this unit ensures uninterrupted play even at night. The bow has an LED light that illuminates the playground and let you kid have fun for hours. Similarly, this model comes in a handsome design that makes your kid stand out. The recommended age for this unit is six years and above.

Better yet, this updated version has a versatile design that is built to work perfectly with your kids. First, it comes with sturdier arrows and is tested to meet the ASTM safety standards. In addition, the eye harmless lighting device ensures safety when playing in the dark. Overall, we also love the compact and lightweight that enables you to bring it wherever you go.

Key Features
  • Helps develop hand and eye coordination
  • It comes with five suction cup arrows
  • Have bright LEDs that illuminate the work area
  • It has been tested and proven to meet the ASTM toy safety standards
  • The suction arrows are safe to play with
  • Makes a great perfect for kids
  • Stylish, modern design
  • It is available in several colors and patterns
  • Batteries are not included

This cool sport toy brings endless fun indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the versatile design, this unit helps you develop various skills as well as become outgoing. Similarly, this model comes in a high-quality gift box. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect gift for your kid or nephew, you shouldn’t hesitate about having one.

7. Marvel Avengers Hawkeye Bow

7. Marvel Avengers Hawkeye Bow

Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Let your bambinos have fun and learn how to aim and shoot with the Marvel Avengers bow set. As the name suggests, this bow set comes in a unique design that makes your kid look like his favorite superhero. Besides enjoying themselves outside, this game also strengthens their physique and lives a healthier. This makes it one of the safest and practical ways to entertain your kits at your backyard and other outdoor settings.

Boasting of functional design, this bow set launches the arrows for a distance of up to 40 feet. While this isn’t very far, it gets the work done when shooting cans at a distance. Similarly, this unit comes with suction arrows that are safe to use or kids as young as six years.

The set comes with all the handy features that you will find in a real bow. It comes with a quiver that lets you store the extra darts and bow launcher that holds them when it time to fire. The clever design ensures that you get a perfect shot every time. Both the aquiver and launcher are made from tough materials that ensure along with lasting service.

In terms of construction, the bow is crafted from lightweight yet durable fiberglass material. It has an ergonomic handle that allows your kid to play for long without being exhausted. Better still, the materials are strong enough to enable the kid to enjoy regular play without damaging the bow.

Key Features
  • Superior construction materials ensure reliable performance for long
  • The professional design mimics the functionality of a real bow
  • The arrows are made of lightweight materials and have a soft tip
  • Comes with everything you need to start your archery game
  • This product has been tested for durability and safety
  • Exquisite artisanship makes your kid stand out
  • Easy to use even for the young kids
  • 100 percent safe for kids
  • Shorter shooting distance

Having been crafted by a reputable company, this set is designed using premium materials. Therefore; your kids can enjoy the regular play. The simplistic design makes it easy to use for young kids. Moreover, it helps your kid develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination from a tender age.

8. Conthfut Archery Set

8. Conthfut Archery Set

Gear up your kid like his favorite superhero with this Conthfut archery set. Playing with this set will not only bring lots of fun but also allows them to exercise. The bow and arrow set will also strengthen your kid’s waist; arm and legs, helping them develop stamina and endurance. By pairing functionality and fun, your kid gets a healthy and safe way to enjoy their time outdoors.

As you would expect, this archery set is made of safe premium materials. Both the arrow and bow are crafted from durable ABS materials. This makes it sturdy enough to withstand hours of use. The arrows feature suction cup tips. This makes them safe for the kids to shoot the target. Instead of piercing, these arrows stick to the target and other surfaces for easy retrieval.

Another handy feature included in this set is the packaging box that transforms into a target. This lets your kid practice and perfect his shots in the comfort of your home’s backyard. The set includes six suction cup arrows, a sturdy bow, and a target.

This fun and interactive n toy will enable your little ones to use their imagination and have fun when playing with other kids. This will not only help them exercise but also boosts their social as well as interactive skills. Similarly, we love the premium construction and budget-friendly price, which make them affordable for most parents.

Key Features
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Comes with suction cup type arrows
  • Decorative packaging makes it a great gift
  • It comes with a decent number of arrows
  • Solid construction that withstands repeated use for hours
  • It is available in a variety of colors
  • Ideal for kids aged between 3 to 12 years
  • It is a fun and interactive game set for outdoor use
  • A bit hard for young kids to assemble

The Conthfut bow set is a fully equipped archery toy set that is practical, well made, safe and fun. It provides interactive gameplay at picnics, backyard parties, and barbecues. It operates like a real bow, providing your kids with tons of fun, exercise, as well as helping them sharpen their coordination skills.

9. Nerf Rebelle Revolution Bow

9. Nerf Rebelle Revolution Bow

You can do little when you would want your kid to unplug from technology and enjoy playing with other kids outdoors. Luckily, kids love archery and with this revolution bow set, you can easily entice your kid to start playing outdoors. It also makes an excellent toy to introduce your kids to archery sport. We were impressed by the simple design and versatile feature that enables you to create an exciting recreational activity for your family.

Let your kids join friends and show off their skills or accomplish exciting missions with this toy. It is created to bring power and strength while still allowing them to enjoy the thrill that comes with fast-paced adventures. Better yet, your kids can revel in this adventure without getting themselves hurt. Thanks to the foam darts and arrows, this is one of the safest Nerf bow and arrow sets available.

This set comes with not one, not two, but six arrows. You can easily load them into the provided quiver for you to take on challenging missions effortlessly. Even better, this unit has a rotating quiver that makes loading the arrows easy. After launching an arrow, simply pull the trigger to rotate the quiver. This action forces another arrow to get in the arrow bay.

Similarly, we love a decent firing range of up to 90 feet. Experience real bow action with the arrows, which makes a whistling sound as they fly. Notably, the auto-feed quiver also makes it easy to line up the shots. Your kid can take charge and dominate the tournaments while still sharpening his hunting skills.

Key Features
  • Uniquely designed quiver that loads arrows automatically
  • High capacity quiver holds up to six arrows
  • Strong enough to fire an arrow to a distance of 90 feet
  • The revolutionary design makes it versatile and easy to use
  • It mimics a real bow action
  • Easy to align shots thanks to the auto-feed quiver
  • Realistic size, speed, and action
  • The arrows make a whistling sound when fired
  • Blasters sold separately

Versatile, sturdy, and stylish design, this revolutionized bow and arrow enable your kid to dominate the missions. It’s realistic size and functionality makes it a great gift for kits aged eight and above. Additionally, getting engaged in this game will also help boost your kid’s self-restraint ability and test his will power.

10. EP EXERCISE N PLAY Archery Shooting Set

10. EP EXERCISE N PLAY Archery Shooting Set

The EP EXERCISE N PLAY archery set combines unmatched strength and precision. Your kid is now armed for action and can team up with friends and enjoy thrilling gameplay. The set boasts of an ingenious design that enables even a beginner to give their best shot. Soon, your little hero can start showing off their awesome skills to his peers.

Unlike anything we have reviewed, this set comes equipped with twelve arrows. This gives you plenty of arrows to accomplish the mission. Speaking of the arrows, these arrows feature a suction head that makes them safe for the kids. It is also a great choice for adults who are looking to start practicing archery.

The set is surprisingly lightweight especially when the construction is concerned. While it may appear beefy, it is easy to carry outdoors. Despite the high capacity, the quiver is comparatively small so it will never bog you down, regardless of where your adventure takes you.

It gets better; this unit is made of high-quality materials. Buy with confidence, this fantastic archery set is crafted from durable abs materials that are solid and firm. In the same breath, the sturdy construction enables kids to use it is a rugged environment. Better still; the construction materials are safe to prevent any negative effect on the kid’s health.

Key Features
  • The set comes with 12 arrows
  • Surprisingly solid and lightweight construction
  • Made from premium ABS plastics which is reinforced
  • Suction cup arrows are safe to use
  • Materials are tested for quality and durability
  • It comes with a high capacity quiver
  • Ideal for kids and beginners
  • Great choice for boys and girls
  • Slightly complex to assemble

Investing in a high-quality archery kit for your kids gives them the best start in this sport. This set is not only made using high-end materials but also offers a fulfilling experience thanks to the advanced features. We love the numerous arrows that let you tackle your missions with ease. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to use for kids and beginners practicing to make shots in archery.

Factors to consider when purchasing the best Nerf bows and arrows

Nerf bows and arrows are a fun and safe toy that encourages your kids to get outdoors and play. While this might be so, as a first-time buyer you need to consider some features to ensure you get the best buy. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the tips that should help you with finding the right choice for your child.

Recommended Age

Your kid’s age is probably the first thing you should consider when buying the best Nerf bow and arrow set. These sets come with different age recommendations. When limiting the age, the manufacturer considers the amount of physical strength needed to maneuver the parts as well as the safety precautions. Remember, this is not a toy for small kids. Your kid needs to be older; the recommended age for this tool is 6 years.

Number of arrows

Having a few numbers of arrows is disappointing. This would mean that your kid has to run and collect the arrow after a few shots. Remember, some of these models have a long shooting range. It true, these toys should help your kid exercise. However, if the child has to run for a long distance collecting the limited arrows can easily exhaust him. Worse, he can easily lose interest in the game.

The construction materials

With the increased demands for these sets, the market is now full of Nerf bows and arrow sets. Unfortunately, not all the models are built to live to fulfill what they promise. Mediocre products will not only fall apart easily but most of them are not safe for your kids. Therefore, we recommend going for products that are made from premium materials. Ensure that you pick a bow that is made from premium materials that withstand repeated use. The arrows should also be lightweight and have soft tips that won’t hurt your kid when playing.


Equally important, you should also look at the stimulation offered by a certain type of archery set. Stimulation here refers to the physical and mental exercises that your kid gets from the toy. Some model provides excellent hand-eye coordination, some offer accuracy skills while others build strength. While each model will undoubtedly bring outdoor fun, these units should also help your kid build on certain skills.


As mentioned, the poor choice of gifts may make your kid stay locked indoors. However, with the best Nerf bows and arrows set, your kid will have plenty of fun and exercise outdoors. These archery sets will also help them develop certain skills such as hand-eye conditions, accuracy, and fine motor skills. These are also a safe alternative to help them develop their physical abilities as well as help them overcome their fears. Get your champ any of the above-reviewed archery sets and you will never have to force them to get out to play again.

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