Top 10 Best Men Snowshoes in 2017 Reviews

Trekking on an icy or snowy surface is a good thing that brings in a satisfying feeling. However, it may not be that easy if you don’t have the right gear. For instance, trekking on a surface packed with snow in a pair of shoes not designed for snowy conditions can be challenging. Aside from letting in cold, these shoes can cause all sorts of discomfort. And it is because of such reasons that we advise you to go for a pair of snowshoes.

These “special” shoes are designed for men, women, and children. Well, each of them is designed differently depending on the sex, and there are others that are unisex. Men’s snowshoes have everything that favors men. Ideally, they are comfortable and sturdy enough to withstand enormous weight as well as frequent use. Here are the top 10 best men snowshoes reviews to help you make the best purchase without breaking a sweat.

1. ALPS 25” All Terrain Snowshoes

1. ALPS 25” All Terrain Snowshoes

You need top quality snowshoes to help enhance your performance when hiking or trekking. And the ALPS 25” All Terrain Snowshoes will surely help you achieve that. It is unisex; hence, can be worn by both men and women. Besides, these snowshoes come in a variety of sizes to make sure there is something for everyone.


. Innovative bindings: They are molded around the boots to cradle and pad the ball and arch of the foot.

. Lacing system: It enables snowshoes to hold your foot securely.

. Fast-Loc buckles: They ensure quick and easy donning and doffing.

. Durable and lightweight frames: They are constructed with 6000 series Easton aluminum tubing.

. Quality decks: They are made of durable and lightweight Nytex material.

2. Chinook Snowshoes (Trekker)

2. Chinook Snowshoes (Trekker)

If you are after optimum comfort and superior traction, then these Trekker Snowshoes from Chinook is the go-to product. With them, you will be able to enjoy long winter months and even find hiking through forests and trails a memorable experience.


. Limited lifetime warranty: It protects against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.

. Ergonomic design: It ensures comfortable, easy walks.

. Sturdy frame: It is made of lightweight and durable aluminum.

. Heel straps: They have quick release buckles to help keep foot hold secure.

. Heel crampons: They offer traction when you are heading down mild slopes.

. Ratchet bindings: They are freeze-resistant and easy to adjust to ensure a secure fit.

3. FLASHTEK Snowshoes for men and women

3. FLASHTEK Snowshoes for men and women

These men snowshoes can also be put on by women. In other words, they are unisex to make sure there is something for everyone. Plus they come with a free black nylon carry bag to allow for optimum storage. Furthermore, these shoes can fit a wide range of shoe sizes from 35 – 40 EUR.


. Three color options: They are unisex and include Blue, Red, and Gray.

. Three size options: They include 21”, 25”, and 30”.

. 6000 series aircraft aluminum frame: It is lightweight yet long-lasting.

. Tempered aluminum steel crampons: They provide great traction.

. Fast pull binding system: They ensure a snug fit all the time.

4. MSR Revo Snowshoe (Explore)

4. MSR Revo Snowshoe (Explore)

Bring in unmatched levels of comfort with the MSR Revo Snowshoe (Explore). It is designed to make trekking and mountaineering fun and unforgettable. For this reason, you will find it the best partner for outdoor explorations during snowy seasons.


. Injection-molded plastic deck: It stands up to abusive conditions.

. Pivot crampon: It offers enhanced traction in all conditions.

. Two-strap ratchet system: It offers outstanding comfort throughout the day.

. Add-on Modular Floatation trails: They allow the maneuverability of smaller, primary shoes.

. Ergo Televators: They not only reduce fatigue but also increase traction on steeps.

. Ergonomic design: They bring in unmatched comfort.

. Two color options: They include orange and black to make sure there is something for everyone.

5. MSR Revo Snowshoe (Trail)

5. MSR Revo Snowshoe (Trail)

MSR knows that having a top quality snowshoe brings in a feeling of satisfaction. That’s why they have come up with the Revo Trail Snowshoe. Well, the shoe is designed to help you walk on such conditions as ice, slush, and crust.


. Duo Fit bindings: They provide crucial security regardless of the condition of the trail.

. Rugged construction: It comfortably overcomes abusive, frequent use.

. Extract deck: It integrates the unique torsional flex of plastic with advanced external traction wall to deliver solid control.

. Modular Flotation tails: They ensure optimum maneuverability of smaller, primary shoes.

. Streamlined design: It delivers energy-saving performance.

6. Louis Garneau – HG Everest Snowshoe

6. Louis Garneau – HG Everest Snowshoe

Hike up to the summit without sinking into the deep powder with the Louis Garneau – HG Everest Snowshoe. It is without a doubt one of the best men snowshoes on the market today. Ideally, it comes loaded with numerous features to ensure exceptional performance.


. Step-Up heel raiser: It minimizes fatigue on the calf during hiking.

. EVA padding: It alleviates discomfort, especially from painful pressure points.

. Contact harness: It uses a Boa binding to deliver stable support.

. Light and sturdy deck: It has a sharp edge for enhanced performance.

. Snowfree Surface: It sheds snow to make sure you have a more natural stride.

. U-Bar technology: It molds the deck’s sides into a U shape to promote reinforcement.

7. Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe

7. Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe

The Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe is designed to let you have a fun time during snowy seasons. It comes with everything to make sure it has what it takes for optimum performance during winter seasons. If you love icy outdoor adventures, then this snowshoe should be a frontier for you.


. Lightweight and strong frame: It is made of durable 6000-series aluminum.

. Ergonomic, streamlined shape: It makes the snowshoe easy to walk in.

. PVC-coated polyester deckings: They offer lightweight flotation and soft, smooth texture.

. Control Wings: They make sure your heels are aligned with the snowshoe for unmatched comfort.

. Fit-step design: It reduces strain on knee, hip, and ankle joints by upturning the tail ends.

8. Tubbs Xplore Snowshoe

8. Tubbs Xplore Snowshoe

Tubbs love it when you are able to enjoy trekking on a snowy surface. That’s why they are more than happy to introduce to you the Xplore Snowshoe. Specially designed for hiking on an icy or snowy surface, this snowshoe will quickly become your favorite.


. Quick Fit binding: It is super easy to use to ensure ultimate convenience.

. Instep crampons: They are made of carbon steel, and they rotate freely to promote stability.

. Heel crampons: They offer superior traction when you are heading down mild slopes.

. Sturdy, lightweight frames: They are made of long-lasting 6000-series aluminum.

. Streamlined shape: It is ergonomically designed to make the snowshoe easy to walk in.

9. Pansel Light Weight Snowshoes

9. Pansel Light Weight Snowshoes

Pansel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of snowshoes. It makes top quality snowshoes for men, women, and kids. Well, one of these products is the Light Weight Snowshoes set, which comes in a variety of sizes to ensure it meets the needs of men, women, and kids.


. Front and rear aluminum claws: They ensure extra deep grip regardless of the snow conditions.

. Ratchet buckle binding system: It is freeze-free and offers a precise adjustment.

. Durable decks: They are made of lightweight and sturdy materials.

. Premium quality frame: It is constructed with lightweight aluminum T6061.

. Special design: It creates optimum flotation in heavy snow conditions.

. Two colors: They include gray and black to make sure there is something for everyone.

10. Tubbs Women’s Snowshoes (FLEX TREK)

10. Tubbs Women’s Snowshoes (FLEX TREK)

Tubbs has done it again! And this time, it is more than happy to bring you Tubbs FLEX TREK Snowshoes for women. Well, these snowshoes are sturdy enough to withstand weight up to 155 pounds. They are also durable and boast a compact design for easy storage when not in use.


. Quick Pull binding: It not only slides effortlessly but also unlocks with one button push.

. Aircraft-grade Aluminum: It promotes superior durability.

. Carbon Steel Cobra Crampon: It ensures unending contact in dynamic snow conditions.

. Jagged tooth construction: It improves grip on packed ice and snow.

. Patented Control Wings: It is combined with heel strap to help center your boot.

Snowshoes are a life saver, but only if you get the right pair. Undesirable snowshoes tend to be ineffective and a letdown. We have come up with the above compilation to help you identify the best product. Remember, all snowshoes listed here are thoroughly assessed to make sure you are 100-percent satisfied with your purchase. What are you waiting for? Get one now and start enjoying snowy adventures!

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