Top 10 Best Desktop Computer Speakers in 2017 Reviews

While computers and laptops come with their own speakers, upgrading them with external ones always prove to be the best move ever. Nevertheless, not all speakers are ideal for laptops and computers, and that’s where desktop computer speakers come into play. These sound systems are specially designed to help upgrade the audio system of your computer; though, you can also use them on TV, smartphones, and tablets, among others. They come equipped with numerous convenient features that help them deliver crisp, natural sound.

Ideally, they are visually enhanced with sleek, modern looks to help complement your décor and workspace. If you have a small- to medium-sized home office, then having a computer speaker for desktop will be the best choice. But before you decide to go for one, we advise that you read our compilation, which talks about the top 10 best desktop computer speakers reviews. It highlights premium quality products that deliver unrivaled performance. Choose one and thank us later.

1. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 FFP 2.1 Computer Speaker

1. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 FFP 2.1 Computer Speaker

The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 FFP 2.1 Computer Speaker is ideal for movies, music, multimedia PC, and gaming systems. Furthermore, it is jam-packed with features that help enhance its performance as well as enabling it to deliver bold, rich and powerful sound.


· Versatile functionality: The computer speaker is perfect for listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games.

· Acoustically balanced wood cabinet: It enables the speaker to produce solid, deep and clean sound.

· Convenient system control pod: Helps you turn the speaker on/off.

· Headphone output jack and 3.5-mm aux-in: They ensure quick and easy connections to all devices.

· Two 2-inch satellite drivers: They are combined with a 5-1/4-inch Power Pro series side subwoofer for enhanced performance.

2. Edifier R1280DB Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

2. Edifier R1280DB Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Take music listening experience to the next level with Edifier R1280DB Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. They are upgraded sound system, and they deliver deep and clean sound to ensure optimum fun and enjoyment. These speakers are a must-have for any music enthusiast.


· Side panel knobs: They are for adjusting the EQ to meet your needs.

· Bluetooth Technology: Allows you to wirelessly connect devices to speakers.

· Black Wood Look: It keeps the classic look of these speakers.

· 2-year warranty: It helps protect against original defects.

· Remote Control: Allows you to easily control the volume and toggle inputs.

· Optical and Coaxial inputs: They ensure lossless connection to most computers and TV.

3. Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System

3. Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System

This unit features two satellite speakers and an efficient subwoofer. Well, this means it delivers big sound, which is enough to fill your room and throw you into frenzy. Logitech has also equipped the unit with loads of features to help enhance performance.


· RCA and 3.5mm Inputs: They allow you to easily plug in up to 3 devices.

· 400 watts of Peak: It delivers enough power to listen as loud as you want.

· THX-certified 2.1 speaker system: It delivers immersive studio-quality audio that brings your music to life.

· Plug-and-play inputs: They are for game consoles and iPod, among others.

· 130-watt subwoofer: It delivers big, deep and distortion-free bass to ensure optimum fun.

4. GOgroove BassPULSE Speaker System

4. GOgroove BassPULSE Speaker System

Make your computer a gaming center, a personal concert hall, and a movie theater with the GOgroove BassPULSE Speaker System. The unit is easy to use, as all you need to do is to plug it in, and voila! There goes the rich stereo sound you have been waiting for.


· 40-watt peak power: Enables these desktop computer speakers to give you the long-awaited bass and volume.

· Subwoofer Equalizer: Ensures you control how much bass you want.

· 3.5mm aux input/headphone port: It allows the system to play audio from other devices.

· Modern Look: It will seamlessly blend with the existing décor.

· LED Lights: They help enhance the looks of the sound system.

· 3-year warranty: Protects against original defects.

5. Mackie CR Series CR3 Creative Monitors

5. Mackie CR Series CR3 Creative Monitors

You don’t need to go deeper into your pocket to experience premium quality sound. Today, there is a pair of Mackie CR Series CR3 Creative Monitors. The set is affordable yet highly powerful. Ideally, its creative monitors deliver the type of sound you have been waiting for.


· Front panel aux input: It is for smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

· Volume Knob: It is for volume and can also be used as an on/off switch.

· Left/right speaker placement switch: It allows you to make a decision on the side of the setup that has volume control.

· Bluetooth Connectivity: Makes music streaming hassle free.

· Cables and Isolation Pads: They get you started immediately.

6. Bose Companion 20 Speaker System

6. Bose Companion 20 Speaker System

Enjoy full and natural sound from your computer with the Bose Companion 20 Speaker System. They are a two-piece system designed to dramatically improve your audio. Ideally, the sound this unit reproduces can be heard across the room, and that simply shows how good it is.


· Bose TrueSpace Technology: It enables the two speakers to deliver wide, natural sound.

· Convenient Control Pod: It allows you to adjust or mute the system’s volume.

· Space-saving design: Makes the speaker system great for places with limited space.

· Sleek Appearance: It complements your computer and other existing décors.

· Convenient dual inputs: They are for connecting headphones and/or a second audio source like a tablet or Pod.

7. Arion Legacy AR504LR-BK 2.1 Speaker System

7. Arion Legacy AR504LR-BK 2.1 Speaker System

The Arion Legacy AR504LR-BK 2.1 Speaker System is ideal for medium-sized home offices. With it, you will be able to connect to your laptop, TV, game consoles, and mobile devices. It is designed to help you improve your audio system.


· High-quality MDF: It ensures enhanced soundstage.

· Aux input jack: It allows you to connect to other devices such as tablets and smartphones.

· 1-year warranty: It promotes hassle-free buying experience.

· User Manual: It provides a guideline on how to use the sound system.

· Stiff and Light Cones: They have solid wood enclosures to ensure precise vibrations.

· One remote control: Makes it easy to operate the sound system from any corner of the room.

8. Audioengine A5+ 2-Way Speakers

8. Audioengine A5+ 2-Way Speakers

Audioengine was established because of one goal; to offer a memorable listening experience without causing damages to your budget. Well, that is exactly what it has done, as seen through the Audioengine A5+ 2-Way Speaker Set. It has packed this sound system with superior features for optimum performance.


· Built-in power amplifiers: They help produce clear and rich sound.

· Convenient Design: It is compatible with both Mac and PC.

· Thermal Management: It is improved to help enhance functionality.

· Remote Control: It helps you operate the two speakers from any corner of the room.

· 1/8” and RCA Inputs: Lets you connect the speakers to other devices.

· Superior Stereo Separation: It combines with incredible imaging to deliver a clear sonic sound.

9. Bose Computer MusicMonitor

9. Bose Computer MusicMonitor

Bose is more than happy to introduce to you the smallest sound system you have ever come across. However, do not use the size of this MusicMonitor to judge it, as delivers surprisingly rich and clear sound. It is a prime source of entertainment and you will find it useful for your laptop or PC.


· Elegant Finish: It will complement any laptop, workspace, and PC.

· Power and Volume Controls: They make operating the MusicMonitor a breeze.

· Magnetically Shielding Technology: It prevents damage or interference to magnetic media.

· Active Electronic Equalization: It ensures more natural tone and clarity.

· Proprietary Amplifiers: They make the speakers more efficient and powerful.

· Dual internal opposing passive radiators: They offer unusually deep and powerful low tones.

· Remote Control: Allows you to operate the system from any corner of the room.

10. Bose Companion 5 Speaker System

10. Bose Companion 5 Speaker System

If you are looking for the best computer speaker, look no more because the market now has the Bose Companion 5 Speaker System. The unit’s speaker array comes fully assembled, meaning you will be able to use it immediately upon arrival.


· Proprietary integrated signal processing: It ensures peerless performance regardless of the volume level.

· Compression Circuitry: Makes sure music is clear and undistorted at high volume levels.

· Graphite/Silver Finish: It will blend seamlessly with the existing décor.

· Space-saving design: It takes up less workspace.

· Volume Control: It controls the unit’s volume.

· Headphone Jack: It allows you to connect the speakers to other devices.

· Single-touch mute: Lets you mute these speakers within a cinch.

Before you choose a desktop computer speaker, it is important to first visit a number of reviews. Well, one of these reviews is right in front of you. And it highlights top quality products that have everything you have been looking for. Best of all, prices of computer speakers listed here are not exaggerated. What are you waiting for? Get yours today and enjoy clear, naturally and undistorted sound.

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