10 Best Coffee Cup Warmers and Beverage in 2017 Reviews Buying Guide

Did you know that taking a warm beverage such as warm coffee can help cool you down? This is according to Ollie Jay, a researcher at University of Ottawa’s School of Human Kinetics. Warm coffee lowers the amount of heat stored inside your body, and this helps you cool down. Ideally, making a warm coffee is easier than making a cold one, which tends to be time-consuming. Many coffee connoisseurs admit that they love warm coffee because it only takes a few minutes and the coffee is in their hands.

But, to effectively come up with a warm cup of coffee, you need a coffee cup warmer. Designed to maintain a drink’s temperature longer, a coffee cup warmer will prevent your drink from getting cold before you have the chance to take it. It’s an electrical appliance, which is plugged into a wall or USB port, and it uses a warming plate to maintain the temperature of the coffee or tea in your cup. If you are tired of getting to job late in the name of making a warm cup of coffee, a coffee cup warmer should not miss out in your next budget.

If you want your coffee or tea to stay hot or warm, you then need to acquire a quality mug warmer. There are numerous models of heavy-duty and elegant looking mug warmers on the market today that are fabricated using firm ceramic bottoms. However, if you are doing it for the first time, the many models of these devices can make challenging for you to tell the best ones apart. In this regard, this article helps you discover the best quality ones by highlighting the 10 best coffee cup warmers and beverage reviews today.

1. Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmer

1. Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmer

Make sure your favorite mug of tea, cocoa or coffee is hot anytime you want it with the Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmer. This versatile coffee cup warmer will without doubt be your favorite gadget. It is easy to tote and take anywhere, so feel confident to use it at home and even at your place of work.


Established in 1970, Mr. Coffee boasts vast experience in the production of kitchen appliances such as the above coffee warmer, which is designed to do one thing; help you warm your coffee, cocoa or tea. Its products are used by hundreds of thousands of Americans; a clear indication that they trust Mr. Coffee brands.


· Convenient cord length: Allows you to use the mug warmer almost anywhere, including offices and at home.

· On/Off switch: For easy operation of the gadget. When you need to warm your mug of coffee, simply switch on the gadget and when you are done, switch it off.

· On light indicator: Notifies you when the unit is on and functional.

2. Salton SMW12 Mug Warmer

2. Salton SMW12 Mug Warmer

The Salton SMW12 Mug Warmer is ideal for keeping a full cup of coffee, cocoa, tea, soup or any beverage warm. This is because it’s convenient to use with arguably the simplest design on the market. It safely warms candles without an open flame and makes sure that any beverage is at the ideal drinking temperature.


Salton is a subsidiary of Russell Hobbs, a manufacturing company, which was based in Florida and used to manufacture home appliances, especially the George Foreman grill and Russell Hobbs appliances. Russell Hobbs was founded in 1947, so expect a lot of experience to be incorporated in Salton’s products.


· Non-slip feet: Prevents slipping, which can make the content in the cup to spill over and mess up your counter.

· Versatile design: Makes this cup warmer perfect for home, offices, and even shops.

· Illuminated on/off switch: The switch makes this coffee mug warmer easy to operate, as all you need to do is to switch it on to start warming the mug and when you are done, switch it off to save energy.

3. Norpro Cup Warmer

3. Norpro Cup Warmer

Say goodbye to cold coffee, tea, cocoa or any beverage, because the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer is within reach. It is a top performing beverage warmer that works with utmost precision and desired high speed to make sure your beverage’s temperature is always perfect for drinking. Use it at home, at your workplace, in the dorm or when traveling.


Norpro came to existence in 1973 with the intention to accomplish three missions. The first mission was to design, the second one was to manufacture, and the third mission was to supply what they have manufactured. Up to date, Norpro still does the three tasks, and it does them so well that its kitchenware is highly celebrated on the market.


· Extra long cord: It measures 60 inches by 152 centimeters to allow you do the warming with little or no interruptions.

· Heated plate: It keeps mug warm, so you can take your time to enjoy your cup of hot coffee, cocoa, tea or any beverage.

· Nonstick heating element: It measures 3.75 inches by 9.5 centimeters, and it effortlessly wipes spotless clean.

4. Disney Mickey Mug Warmer

4. Disney Mickey Mug Warmer

Truth be told, everyone loves coffee, and we love it more when it’s warmer. So, why don’t you take home the Disney Mickey Mug Warmer, and enjoy hot coffee, cocoa, tea or any beverage of your choice? It is a classic coffee warmer that will make your mornings great throughout the year.


Everyone knows Disney, especially little kids; thanks to their Mickey Mouse logo. When you hear of the word “Disney”, the first thing that comes to your mind is a multinational mass media and conglomerate company. Yes, Disney majorly deals with entertainment, but did you know that this company also makes quality kitchenware? An existing example is the Disney Mickey Mug Warmer, which has taken every user by storm.


· 10-ounce capacity: Warms enough coffee, tea or cocoa for great drinking experience.

· Ceramic design: Brings in the much-needed contemporary appearance.

· Mickey Mouse Logo: Makes the coffee mug warmer unique.

5. Intertek Desktop/Tabletop Beverage Warmer

5. Intertek Desktop/Tabletop Beverage Warmer

Designed for those who love to have a cup of coffee in the morning or tea at night, the Intertek Beverage Warmer is a versatile coffee warmer that is ideal for coffee, tea or any beverage. It has a long cord that reaches the outlet and stay out of the way for convenience. Use this coffee mug warmer at home or carry it to the office to make sure you always drink warm coffee.


The manufacturer that stands behind this product is the Intertek. Like most leading manufacturing companies, Intertek dedicates its time to make sure you are fully satisfied with its products. It boasts vast experience, which it brings into such items as the Desktop/Tabletop Beverage Warmer. Although it started as a small company, Intertek has now expanded and its products are available in almost every part of the world.


· Non-stick coated heating surface: It is easy to clean as well as easy to take care of.

· Hi/Low Temp Function: Allows you to adjust the unit’s temperature to either high or low.

· Slim Stylish Gray Design: Makes this coffee cup warmer a great gift idea.

6. Home-X White Mug Warmer

6. Home-X White Mug Warmer

With today’s advanced technology, you don’t have any reason at all to go through the fuss of having to sip cold coffee or lukewarm tea. The Home-X White Mug Warmer is a high performing mug warmer that keeps hot beverages steamy hot and perfect for drinking. It is the perfect companion to anyone who loves hot drink, which I believe everyone does.


Home-X is synonymous for its ability to produce numerous products. Most of its products are household items. It is a highly creative manufacturing company whose creativity is best displayed in its products. It is also innovative, as seen through products such as Home-X Steam n’ Mama Microwave Cleaner, Home-X Genuine Leather Lambskin Waist Bag, among others.


· Low-profile design: It features durable and lightweight components for optimum portability and superior durability.

· Bright red power indicator light: It lights up to notify you that the coffee warmer is functioning.

· Padded feet: They keep the unit sturdily in place.

· Compact size: Makes the warmer easy to use almost anywhere.

7. Toastmaster TMMGW Mug Warmer

7. Toastmaster TMMGW Mug Warmer

Nothing is as disgusting as putting a coffee mug in a microwave to heat up quickly. The result is and will always be an extremely hot mug, which can cause devastating effects to your lips. The best and arguably the most convenient way to warm your coffee or any beverage is to use a cup warmer. The Toastmaster TMMGW Mug Warmer is one of the most notable coffee mug warmers. It is designed to make sure your coffee, tea or cocoa is always at the ideal drinking temperature.


Toastmaster was founded in 1921 with Russell Hobbs Inc. as its parent organization. Today, Toastmaster is a brand name for home appliances, including the above beverage warmer. It was initially the name of the world’s first automatic toasters for home use, but as it gained more ideas, it started to produce other products like coffee cup warmers.


· Hot spot technology: Keeps hot beverages steamy hot for exceptional drinking experience.

· 12-ounce capacity: Keeps enough drink hot, so you don’t have to keep on refilling.

· Indicator light: Lights on to indicate that the unit is functional.

8. ASJ Golden Beverage Warmer

8. ASJ Golden Beverage Warmer

One good thing with the ASJ Golden Beverage Warmer is the fact that you can connect it to the USB port of your charger or computer. It is an amazing USB coffee warmer that gives you the opportunity to enjoy hot cup of coffee, tea, water, cocoa or any beverage anytime, anywhere.


From raw materials to finished products, ASJ is quickly becoming consumers’ favorite manufacturing company. It knows exactly what consumers want, so it produces excellent products that have helped people carry out a number of tasks. Most of its products are electric for ultimate convenience. And they are also easy to use.


· Attractive aluminum alloy appearance: Gives you the confidence to pull out this USB coffee warmer anywhere for a steamy drinking experience.

· 5V USB power supply: Allows you to connect the unit to your computer or charger.

· Quality heating elements: Keeps the temperature of your drink between 40 – 60 degrees Celsius.

9. Rival Beverage Warmer

9. Rival Beverage Warmer

This perfect little coffee cup warmer will keep your hot coffee, tea, cocoa or water steamy hot. It is ideal for those who are on the go and don’t have time to keep on refilling their cups to make their drinks hot. Use it in your office, at home or in the dorm for constant enjoyment of hot beverages.


Just as its name suggests, Rival manufacturing company gives most companies a run for their money by producing quality products that those companies cannot produce. Aside from coffee warmers, Rival manufactures such home appliances as Roaster Ovens, Coffee Makers, and Cone Makers, among others. Its products are reliable and easy to use.


· Support legs: They help make this mug warmer sturdy, so it does not spill content from the mug.

· On/Off switch: Makes the unit easy to operate. Simply switch the unit on when you want to use it and off when you are done using it.

· Power cord: Supplies power to the unit for outstanding performance.

10. Jura 72229 Black Cup Warmer

10. Jura 72229 Black Cup Warmer

Meet the Jura 72229 Black Cup Warmer! It is one of the best mug warmers in 2017. It comes loaded with features that enhance its intelligence to the extent that it can switch off automatically after 12 hours. The Jura 72229 Black Cup Warmer is perfect for preparing everything including a fiery espresso and a cappuccino crowned with milk foam.


Founded in 1931 by Leo Henzirohs, Jura Elektroapparate AG has been making huge steps in its production of home appliances. It is a Swiss developer as well as distributor of home appliances. Its headquarters is in Niederbuchsiten, Canton of Solothurn. According to a 2011 survey, this manufacturing company has 603 employees who do their best to make sure consumers get the best products and services.


· Two heating elements: They keep the cups inside at a constant temperature of around 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

· Two drawers: They feature a modern cushioning system that helps them close smoothly and silently.

· Programmable switch-on & switch-off times: Equips this contemporary cup warmer with eco-intelligence.

· Intelligent design: Allows the machine to switch off automatically after 12 hours to save energy.

Having a cold coffee in the morning is something terrible. But this should not happen again, if it has once happened to you. Today, the market has numerous high performing coffee warmers that are specially designed to make sure you always drink hot coffee. Best of all, these machines are versatile and can also be used to keep tea, cocoa, water, soups, and other beverages hot. They are currently the hottest units on the market. So, make sure you get yours today to elevate your coffee drinking experience.

Extra Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying a Coffee Cup and Beverage Warmer

Before you make up your mind to buy a specific coffee cup warmer, it’s always best to consider a number of factors to avoid ending up with an undesirable machine. Here are what to look for when you are out there choosing the best coffee cup and beverage warmer.

. Price

Prices of coffee cup warmers vary greatly. Some are highly affordable while others may force you to dig deep into your pocket. What you should know, however, is that the manufacturer has settled on a specific price depending on the resources and materials used. Some materials are more expensive than others because of their performance and durability. And you’ll realize that the more costly a beverage warmer is, the higher the material quality. Nevertheless, this does not apply to all machines, as prices of some units are mostly based on extra features.

. Features

Talking of features, these are factors that should not miss out in your extra buying guide list. Features are what determine performance. For example, a coffee cup warmer loaded with extra features is likely to perform better than another with fewer features. In other words, a unit with more features has a lot to offer since it has been enabled in nearly all aspects. Therefore, try to concentrate on the features when choosing a cup warmer. And make sure you only settle on that machine, which you think its features will best suit your needs.

. Manufacturer

Although this sounds like a dig in, but if you don’t want to regret anything, it’s important to know who is behind your chosen product. Some manufacturers are out there to make a fortune rather than satisfy consumers’ demands. In most cases, they produce poor quality products that start to cause all sorts of problems after a few weeks, or even days. Some are also unfriendly and may not listen to your side of the story let alone replacing the product. With this in mind, it’s advisable to check out manufacturer details to be sure who you are going to deal with should any problem arise.

. Cord Length

Yes, this is another important factor that you should not overlook when choosing a coffee mug warmer. Various mug warmers have different cord lengths. But I say, go for those units with very long cords. This is because they will effortlessly reach the outlet and still manage to stay out of the way for ultimate convenience. It’s very upsetting to have a coffee warmer with a short cord that blocks the way and does not allow you to move with your gadget freely. Therefore, always make sure the unit you are taking home has a desirable cord length because this is what promotes convenience.

. Design

It may not be that important, but design matters to some extent. Most coffee warmers have compact sizes, meaning you can always use them far from home, perhaps in places like offices and dorms. For this reason, you’ll want something that is somewhat attractive and capable of turning a head or two when taken out. If you are this kind of person with such kinds of wants, then it’s best to consider mug warmers with aesthetic looks.

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  1. Everyone loves coffee, that’s the truth. And people love it more when it’s warmer. While there are many ways to keep your coffee or tea hot, the use of a cup coffee warmer has proven to be the best so far. These gadgets are extremely easy to use, as all you need to do is to place your mug of coffee on the heating element to make sure it does not become cold. They come in various designs, given that nearly every unit has its own manufacturer.

    For instance, some are simple while others are somewhat loaded with more features for optimum performance. There are also USB coffee warmers, which come with a USB cable for connecting to a computer or charger for ultimate convenience. Ideally, most beverage warmers are compact in size, meaning you can carry them to your place of work or even use them in the dorm. If you are unfamiliar with coffee cup warmers, we advise that you have a look at these best coffee cup warmers, so you can have a clue on what these products are all about.

    #Norpro pretty Cup Warmer: If you need a good quality cup warmer, the Norpro Pretty Decorative is your best bet. It is an admirable product made of premium materials. It has non-stick high performance warming components, on/off buttons for ease of use, and UI approved neon light indicator. It comes with a cable tat you can easily plug in any outlet at home/office. Its automatic shut off feature is another selling point.

    #Desktop USB frenzied Tea/Coffee Mug Warmer, Wax-and-Candle Warmer: This is a wonderful tea and coffee cup warmer with innovative features and providing a great way to keep coffee or tea cup warm whenever needed. It features automatic on/off button and also a green indicator light. It has an extra long cable for convenience of use. If you like sipping your cup of coffee at intervals, this device will ensure it stays warm throughout. It is connectable to a PC’s USB port.

    #Warmer bev and coffee rival: It can be disappointing to take a beverage cold when it should be sipped hot, such as tea or coffee/cappuccino. However, having the Warmer Beverage and Coffee Rival is a great way to keep any of your drinks tasting nice and hot as required, even if you sip it at intervals. It is a great pick for office workers or students who stay busy for long. It features an easy-to-clean and stable and flat non-stick surface. It further has an auto on/off button.

    #Salton White Mug Warmer: The Salton White Mug warmer is great in keeping your tea/coffee mug, soup, or any other beverage at ideal drinking temperature. Place a cup filled with soup, gravy, tea, coffee, or any other drink upon this warmer and it will be okay. It has ready-to-serve auto-light button and on/off button. It does not include mug but has a stable in-slip base. It is ideal for use in stores, office, and home.

    #Brookstone Beverage Warmer: If you really need to keep your favorite tea or coffee warm or hot for a longer time, the Brookstone Beverage Warmer is your solution. It is a quality gadget which can be safely kept on table. It is considered as a super-powered plate. It has 2settings, the high and low. It further features 2-hour stop function that automatically shuts off when it stays dormant for long. It is a wonderful choice for hot beverage drinkers.

    #TOOGOO USB Mug/Cup Warmer: The TOOGOO USB Cup/Mug warmer is an excellent quality device for warming and heating up beverages thanks to the USB port. It is a wonderful unit that is quite useful, allowing you to drink your beverage hot and comes with more USB ports for greater versatility. To use this device, you just plug it into a USB port, position a mug on the warming plate and soon you are enjoying a warmed or hot beverage.

    # Electric Beverage Warmer: It is another high performance electric cup warmer that keeps any type of drinks warmed. It runs on electric power and ensures you have warm or hot tea, cappuccino, chocolate, or coffee the way you need to enjoy it. It functions similarly to intense coaster and requires no special mugs or glassware—any regular cup is right on this device. It features low and high setting to allow you either drink just warm or very hot.

    #Tabletop/Desktop Tea Coffee Beverage Warmer: As the name hints, a cup/beverage warmer is an electric-warmed coaster or simply a small warm plate. Desktop/Table cup/beverage warmers come in standard sizes in order to hold a standard cup size. If you the type that fancy taking your beverage slowly, using this warmer is fun, for it allows you have the drink always warmed whenever you need it. It is easily portable, that you can go for outings or take a drive with it. It further has an on/off indicator. It normally comes in a slender, stylish grey.

    #Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer: This mug warmer keeps your coffee, tea, or any other beverage hot thanks to its little heating plate. It is an electric cup warmer that features a handily-sized cable for connecting to your chosen switchboard. It further features on/off button so you don’t have to unplug the cable. Majority customers choose to drink heated coffee/tea cup together with a cover for placing in the car, while others prefer taking their personal coffee cup plus a heater plate along. Moreover, this warmer accommodates different cup sizes for as long as your cup fits on the plate firmly.

    #Rival Beverage Warmer: This is one of the best beverage and cup warmer on the market today. It delivers a great and convenient job thanks to its auto on/off function. It is a new but high performance model that has already won admiration of many customers and users. It can keep any king of beverage warmed or hot. It also has a ready to serve light indicator, comes with a conveniently long cord, and features a smooth yet stable, non-stick surface.

    #Imperial Home Coffee/Tea Mug Warmer: The Imperial Home Coffee Mug warmer keeps coffee or tea at the perfect temperature to help you sip at your own pace. It comes equipped with a power indicator, non-skid feet, and on/off switch for outstanding performance. Moreover, this coffee mug warmer is a safe, worry-free way to heat scented candles. It has a diameter of 5 inches and a height of 1 inch. It also has a 40-inch ETL listed cord for optimum performance.

    #KUWAN Coffee Warmer: Let this beverage warmer help you enjoy warm coffee or tea. One of its main responsibilities is to heat coffee, and as such, it comes equipped with numerous advanced features in its sleek, modern design. Ideally, it’s easy to operate with only one button to turn it off on the right and one on the left to turn on high or low. It’s portable and lightweight; thus, it’s convenient to take anywhere. High (42 degree Celsius) and low (38 degree Celsius) settings keep beverage at the perfect temperature.

    #Darice 1199-15 Candle Warmer: The Darice 1199-15 Candle Warmer gives you a brilliant opportunity to enjoy the fragrance of your favorite candles without actually burning them. This equipment features electric no-flame candle plate that simply warms candles up and releases lovely scent into the air. It’s perfect for non-lit candles with diameters up to 4 inches. Ideally, it keeps soup and drinks warm for great drinking experience. Place this beverage warmer on almost any flat surface in your shop, office, kitchen, home, den etc.

    #Disney Mickey Mug Warmer: The Disney Mickey Mug Warmer comes with a 10-ounce ceramic mug that keeps hot soups and beverages warm. It’s one of the top quality coffee cup warmers you’ll ever come across today. Its unique design makes it perfect for any kitchen, office, home, den and more. The mug has a power on/off button that lights up when turned on.

    #VAlinks Coffee Warmer: This coffee warmer features a thin, flat bottom, so it can perfectly keep drinks warm. Its power supply features adapter or USB plug with 1m USB cable, which is perfect for use anywhere. The heating place is made of stainless steel materials for easy and convenient wiping. The VAlinks Coffee Warmer also has on/off switch controls, blue LED to indicate it’s on, and red LED to indicate it’s off. Use it for tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and any other beverage that needs to be kept.

    #IAN Coffee Cup Warmer: Keep your mug of coffee, tea, water, milk or other beverage at 40 – 60 degree Celsius with the IAN Coffee Cup Warmer. It makes you enjoy hot drinks whenever you want it. Its attractive aluminum alloy appearance makes it a perfect accessory for enjoying your drinks both in the office and at home. With quality heating elements and 5V USB power supply, the IAN Coffee Cup Warmer is safe and reliable.

    #Encell Heating Cup: This stainless steel cup will plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and maintain temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. It keeps your coffee or tea drinkable and warm while you’re on travel. Ideally, it’s ergonomically designed and fit most vehicle cup holders. The cup has a diameter of 8.5cm and is made of stainless steel for durability and optimum performance. The slippery-resistant base ensures this heating cup does not slide easily when used in the car.

    #Surborder Coffee Warmer: Are you tired of running up and down only to return for a cold cup of tea? Well, there’s the Surborder Coffee Warmer to make sure that you enjoy your warm coffee anytime, anywhere. Measuring 160 x 138 x 23 mm, this item will satisfy your thirst for coffee or tea. It’s easy to install and operating it is a breeze. The Surborder Coffee Warmer is ideal for office and home. Its convenient cord length can be used almost anywhere. The surface of this coffee cup warmer wipes easily for convenience.

    #Disney DMG18 Mug Warmer: This Minnie Mouse Mug Warmer will keep your coffee or tea at just the right temperature. It’s perfect for office or home, and it has a Minnie shaped power light for advanced functionality. It also has an illuminated power switch and an extra-long cord with cord wrap to keep your tabletop clean. The Disney DMG18 Mug Warmer comes with a 1-year warranty and measures 6-by-5.4-by-5.3 inches. It’s ideal for office and home.

    #Toastmaster Coffee Mug Warmer: The TMMGW Electric Mug Warmer from Toastmaster features an on/off switch and indicator light that shows if it’s on or off. It also features Hot Spot technology that enhances its performance and functionality. The standard wall plug-in makes sure that your tabletop remains tidy, while the tough material used to make the warmer is durable for long-term service. For great drinking experience, this innovative mug warmer should not miss out in your list.

    If you have been wondering what might be the best and most effective, convenient and cost-friendly way to keep your beverages warm once poured in a cup/mug, and especially for those who like taking their drinks sip by sip, a good quality cup and beverage warmer comes in handy. The above best cup warmer brings you only the best performing, reliable and pocket friendly models you can go for today and enjoy long time use of them.

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