Top 10 Best Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers in 2021 Reviews

Month after month, we spend a lot of money at a barbershop paying someone to cut our hair. Nevertheless, have you ever thought about the amount of time and money you lose doing this? Well, with the best hair clipper you can cut hair from the comfort your home quickly. Besides these units are great for avid travelers who hardly have time to visit a barbershop.

Although there different types of hair clippers, going for cordless hair clipper is a great idea. The best cordless hair clippers offer you with unique benefits that are hard to find on another model. What is exciting about these models is that you can use them almost anywhere. Whether you are standing outside or seated in front of your bathroom mirror, you can achieve your preferred look effortlessly.

Based on the growing interest in styling hair in the comfort of your home, we have prepared a detailed guide that assists you in making an informed decision.

Considerations to make when selecting the best cordless hair clipper

When trying to get the best hair, you need to be aware of the things you need to look at. Remember, users have different needs. Therefore, you should realize that the best hair clipper for you might differ from that of your friends. Here are some of the important considerations to make when choosing the best hair clippers that fit your needs.

Battery life

The first thigh you should consider when looking for cordless hair clippers. If you choose a model with a short battery life, you will are likely to find the clipper frustrating to use. Make sure that the clipper offers you with at least forty minutes of uninterrupted power.

Corded and cordless

You can use some hair clippers with and without the cord. For convenience, you should pick a model that offers you with dual compatibility. Although models with and without the cord are expensive, they have tons of advantages. For instance, if you there is power outage you can simply switch over to the battery power.

Self-sharpening blades

It is in your best interest to select a hair clipper that comes with self-sharpening blades. With this technology, the blades can stay sharp for longer. This offers you with fast and smooth shaving.

Vibration and loudness

Hair clippers produce some vibration and noise. However, this varies from one brand to the other. For convenience and control, pick models with minimal vibration and noise.

Users comfort

You are going to use the clipper for a considerable time, for this reason, you need to choose something you are comfortable with. Selecting models, which are light in weight and ergonomically design will give you with the flexibility and comfort you need to cut your hair professionally.

The above buying guide will help you narrow your choice and find something appropriate. However, you need to go through hundreds of models before you can settle on the best model. To save you this hassle we have reviewed the best selling hair clippers on the market.

Table Best Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

1. Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers #9649

1. Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers 9649

A man’s appearance often relies on his clipper. With that being said, it is crucial to find a model that fits your needs. The Wahl clipper color pro hair clipper is a high-quality hair clipper designed with users needs in mind. This model runs on a powerful battery that gives you a fine and smooth cut for all types of hair.

Wahl brand was among the first brands to ever produce clippers that utilize a lithium-ion battery. Besides the lithium-ion battery that offers a longer runtime, Wahl clippers offer you with professional performance.

Top features

  • Powerful battery

This clipper has a long-lasting battery with a long runtime of up to 60 minutes. This gives enough time to style your hair to perfection.

  • Compact

This model also comes with a compact and lightweight design. This makes it a perfect companion when traveling.

  • Easy to use

Additionally, this unit features color-coded guide combs, making it easy to remember your favorite hair length.

What we liked:

  • Ergonomic design ensures comfortable use
  • High-quality battery provides long runtime
  • Comes with a storage pouch

What we didn’t liked:

  • A little loud

2. Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers #79600-210

2. Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers 79600-210

With impeccable artisanship, this hair clipper is designed to provide you with a professional haircut with minimal effort. This model also comes with an innovative design and solid construction that guarantees you high performance.

The Wahl is the number one brand of hair clippers and beard trimmers. With over 50 year’s experience, you can expect to get a quality hair clipper that provides you with a reliable service.

Top Features

  • Lithium-ion battery

This unit is fitted with a lithium-ion battery that provides you with 2 hours runtime. The battery also holds the charge for up to 1 year when not in use.

  • Self-sharpening precision blade

It is also equipped with self-sharpening blades that remain sharp for a long. The blades cut hair forty percent faster than regular blades.

  • Complete haircut kit

You also get a complete haircut kit that includes multiple guide combs. This makes it perfect for avid travelers and home use.

What we liked:

  • Runs for two hours
  • Have useful quick-charge features
  • Multiple guide combs

What we didn’t liked:

  • Combs are a little fragile

3. Spinnaker Professional Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

3. Spinnaker Professional Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

This cordless hair clipper offers the user with the necessities needed to ensure a smooth baby hair shaves. We love the ergonomically designed handle with ridges that provide you with a firm grip. Moreover, this unit is equipped with premium components that ensure longevity, durability, and precision.

Sminiker Professional is a market leader when it comes to the production of heavy-duty yet lightweight hair clippers. The Sminiker hair trimmers are also affordable making them ideal for people on a tight budget.

Top feature

  • Innovative design

This hair clipper boasts of an innovative R shaped design that prevents cutting your skin accidentally.

  • Titanium blade

Titanium blades are not only strong but remain sharp for long. The blade is also rust resistant for enhanced durability.

  • Self-hair cutting system

Take advantage of the new user-friendly guide combs. This allows you to adjust the combs to fit your desired height.

What we liked:

  • Attractive, stylish design
  • Maintenance-free blade provides smooth cut
  • Powerful and durable

What we didn’t liked:

  • The blades need oil before running

4. Conair Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Home Haircutting Kit

4. Conair Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Home Haircutting Kit

Conair Rechargeable hair clipper is a great hair to invest in if you would want to achieve a swift proficient haircut. This equipment brings you all the features you need in a high-end hair clipper. With these features, you can obtain an elegant haircut from your home comfort.

Conair is one of the largest brands that produce hair appliances that range from hair dryers to innovative hair clippers. It is closely related to the Cuisinart brand, which produces high-quality hair appliances.

Top features

  • Corded and rechargeable

This unit combines the convenience of a full power cord and rechargeable. This makes it a perfect choice to use when traveling and home. You also do not have to worry about power outage when shaving.

  • Tamper control

This clipper also features five-tamper control as well as 54 settings that allows for custom cuts.

  • Full kit

This full haircut kit includes barber comb, s styling clip, styling comb, barber scissors, blade guard, as well as a deluxe hard storage case.

What we liked:

  • Brings you with everything you need for hair styling
  • High-quality stainless steel blade
  • Runtime of 60 minutes

What we didn’t liked:

  • Combs is a little fragile

5. Wahl #9918-6171Clipper Groomsman Cord /Cordless Beard Trimmers for Men

5. Wahl 9918-6171Clipper Groomsman Cord /Cordless Beard Trimmers for men

Whether you are interested in cutting your hair, styling your beards or using it for professional use, you can rely on this model from Wahl. This is a rechargeable cord/cordless that brings you full power and flexibility to the cordless trimmer.

Very few brands can match the performance of the Wahl hair clippers. These clippers are engineered to meet the customer needs. Besides, this company offers impressive customer support in case of any questions or concerns.

Top features

  • Self-sharpening blades

This unit is equipped with self-sharpening blades technology that maintains the blade sharp for unbeatable trimming results.

  • Cordless/ corded operation

You can use this clipper while plugged or on rechargeable battery power. It charges as you use it, eliminating the need for waiting for it to charge.

  • Blade guards

The three separate guide combs paired with the Wahl’s exclusive six position length allows you to maintain an even hair length.

What we liked:

  • Features a well-contoured body
  • Lightweight design
  • Equipped with self-sharpening blades

What we didn’t liked:

  • Quite expensive than other models

6. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

6. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

If you are looking for a heavy-duty hair clipper that offers you with all-around hair cutting, the Remington HC4250 might be your best bet. The unit boasts of an ergonomic and breaks resistant housing for more flexibility.

Remington brand is synonymous with practicality, efficiency, and durability. This hair clipper will easily trim and detail your sideburns, hair on the neck as well as behind the ears.

Top features

  • 13 piece kit

This kit includes nine-length guide combs that allow you create a personalized haircut. You are also provided with a cleaning brush and storage case.

  • Lithium power

The lithium-ion battery provides you with up to 40 minutes of fade-free power. The battery retains the charge for long and charges faster.

  • Stainless steel blades

Moreover, this hair clipper comes with precision ground blades that cut all types of hair smoothly.

What we liked:

  • Lithium-ion battery brings you more power and torque
  • Cuts through thick hair fast
  • Rubberized grip offers you total control

What we didn’t liked:

  • Trimmer vibrates a little too much

7. Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

7. Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

Numbers don’t lie! The Remington hair clippers have found lots of love among thousands of uses and for good reasons. Those who have used this trimmer hair the self-sharpening steel blades, rubberized body, and consistent runtime.

Remington brand combines the latest technology and half decade experience to offers you hair clipper that is nothing short of the best. These clippers bring you more power and excellent blades, making it easy to cut hair effortlessly.

Top features

  • Self-sharpening blades

You will love the surgical steel blades with self-sharpening technology. These blades stay sharp for comfortable and even trimming.

  • Lithium power

This hair clipper is also equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 65 minutes of runtime.

  • Storage pouch

This pouch will keep your grooming kit organized for travel or storage.

What we liked:

  • Several attachments and adjustment lengths
  • The pouch keeps your kit organized
  • Self-sharpening blades

What we didn’t liked:

  • Takes long to charge

8. Wahl 79602 Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut Kit


If you are a hairstylist or a barber, you need to have a heavy-duty haircut at all time. Wahl 79602 hair kit may be what you need to groom your clients properly. This is one of the few rechargeable hair clipper designed to provide you with constant power and silent operation even when trimming thick hair.

So much can be said about the quality of Wahl hair clipper. However, did you know that it was the first brand to produce rechargeable hair trimmer? It goes without saying; pioneers always tend to be one-step ahead of the competitors.

Top features

  • Powerful motor

This unit is fitted with super powerful and durable motor that offers you with a lifetime superior performance.

  • Self-sharpening blades

Take advantage of the precision blade with self-sharpening technology that ensures smooth and easy haircutting.

  • Secure fit guide combs

The kit also has a complete set of secure fit guide combs that allows you maintain the preferred hair height.

What we liked:

  • Powerful and durable motor
  • Precision and self-sharpening blades
  • The blades do not overheat

What we didn’t liked:

  • Somewhat heavier than others

9. Wahl 9854-600 Beard Trimmer Lithium Ion All in One Men’s Grooming Kit

9. Wahl 9854-600 Beard Trimmer Lithium Ion All in One Men's Grooming Kit

Whether you are a professional or someone who would want to cut his hair easily at home, you will not go wrong with the Wahl 9854-600 grooming kit. The clipper produces sharp and clean cuts. This kit also comes with all the accessories you need for various kinds of haircuts.

Wahl is a USA brand, which has been in existence for close to a century now. This brand had remained a favorite for many barbers and stylists since its establishment back in 1919.

Top features

  • Lithium-ion battery

This unit boasts of a powerful lithium-ion battery that provides you with impressive three hours uninterrupted use.

  • Quick charge

Charging this unit for only one minute gives you three minutes of trimming. Thirty minutes charge gives you three hours operation.

  • Smooth Shaves

The precision blades bring you a smooth baby shave effortlessly.

What we liked:

  • Three hours of uninterrupted runtime
  • Quick charge, 30 minutes gives you three hours operation
  • Self-sharpening blades

What we didn’t liked:

  • A bit expensive

10. BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers Set

10. BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers Set

This is a lovely powerful, compact hair clipper from BuySShow. This unit is designed to offer the user with the power they need to shave fast and smoothly. You will love the precision motor, ultra quiet design as well as low vibration.

Shaving is a messy and time-consuming process but with the BuySShow brand is committed to making the process a little more comfortable. All the models from this brand are versatile, easy to use, and durable.

Top features

  • Ceramic titanium blade

The combination of titanium with ceramic blade construction gives the efficiency when cutting various hair types.

  • Ultra quiet design

This hair clipper also boasts of a low vibration motor that ensures ultra quiet operation.

  • Beginners friendly

You no longer need to visit a barber after every few days. With this kit, you can cut your hair professionally from home.

What we liked:

  • Designed to meet all your grooming needs
  • Comes with a convenient charging stand
  • Ergonomically Designed For Comfort

What we didn’t liked:

  • Takes long to reach full charge

Whether you are looking for a portable hair clipper or a clipper to use regularly at home, many excellent models can meet your need. However, remember that not all models are equal. For this reason, it is essential to perform a detailed research and comparison before you can settle on the best model. By doing this, it will be easy for you to get the best hair clipper that suits your unique situation.

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