Top 10 Best Carbon Filter Fans in 2021 Reviews

After buying a grow tent, the next thing you should acquire is a carbon filter fan. This is a very useful unit that eliminates smell from grow rooms. When producing flowers, plants tend to put out a pungent smell that fills the entire room, making it an unbearable place to be. But with a carbon filter fan, pungent smells and potentially harmful chemicals will be the least of your concern. The carbon filter fan is normally equipped with Australian activated carbon, which is one of the most absorbent carbons on earth. Because of it, the filter fan does an excellent job of keeping the air in grow rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms clean and odorless. Read the top 10 best carbon filter fans reviews below to see which models we are giving the nod.

Table Best Carbon Filter Fans

1. VIVOSUN Air Carbon Filter Odor Control – 6 Inch

1. VIVOSUN Air Carbon Filter Odor Control - 6 Inch

The dimensions of the VIVOSUN Air Carbon Filter are 6 by 18 inches. It is a well-sized carbon filter odor control that does what it is designed to do. It comes with a changeable Velcro pre-filter; carbon filter belts, and carbon filter. All these accessories are very useful and make this air carbon filter odor control a worthy purchase. Moreover, the VIVOSUN Air Carbon Filter Odor Control is built with ultimate versatility in mind. You can use it either as an exhaust or intake filter in many different setups such as 6” inline fan and duct fans, ventilation ducts, air exchange fans, and intake and exhaust fans, among others. The carbon filter odor control eliminates odors as well as providing protection from chemical irritants. Furthermore, this unit absorbs odors from smoke and pets.

Key Features
  • Reversible filter change and flange to ensure longer life
  • Outer and inner mesh ensures increased airflow by providing a 53-percent open area
  • Includes carbon filter belts and changeable Velcro pre-filter
  • Eliminates pungent smells, odors, and particulates
  • Works nicely with VIVOSUN inline fan
  • The manufacturer stands behind the product
  • It is well made and works as promised
  • Great for grow tents
  • It is shipped very fast
  • Amazing for the price
  • May not work as expected if not connected to a high-performance pressure static fan

2. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4 4” Inline Duct Fan

2. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4 4” Inline Duct Fan

It is important that you know the specifications of this inline duct fan. This ensures you know exactly what you are getting. So, without further ado, the specs of this inline duct fan are duct size – 4 inches; bearings – dual ball; airflow – 205 CFM; noise – 28 dBA, and dimensions – 6.9 by 11.9 by 7.4 inches. From these specifications, it is safe to say that this is a high-performance inline duct fan. What’s more, this inline duct fan comes with a number of accessories. These include a corded sensor probe, 2 duct clamps, AC power plug, and required mounting hardware. The inline duct fan also comes with an intelligent controller, which, in turn, features a timer, fan speed control, alarm system, and temperature & humidity programming.

Key Features
  • Programmable controller featuring precise temperature and humidity sensors
  • PWM motor is quieter and more energy-efficient than AC fans
  • Mixed-flow design enables the fan to maintain maximum performance in high static pressure environments
  • Complete kit comes with everything you need to mount the fan and power it through an outlet
  • Ventilates hydroponic grow rooms, exhaust odors, cools AV closets, and transfers heat
  • Easy to set up and moves a lot of air
  • The sensor probe and digital screen are excellent additions
  • Quiet in most settings
  • Very intuitive to use
  • Comes with 2 duct clamps
  • The alarm setting could be a bit louder

3. iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Odor Control Scrubber

3. iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Odor Control Scrubber

Most air carbon odor control scrubbers that come with the famous Australia Virgin Charcoal are pretty expensive. Nonetheless, the iPower 4” Odor Control Scrubber comes with Australia Virgin Charcoal yet it is very affordable. It is designed to be used with inline fans, and it does a great job of keeping grow tents odor-free. Furthermore, the iPower 4” Air Carbon Odor Control Scrubber is professional-grade, and, therefore, has what it takes to handle the nastiest smells from the prettiest plants. The special virgin carbons, this filter odor control scrubber comes with, come from the oldest and most pressurized sources on earth. As such, expect them to work like a dream. The carbon filter is 4 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Key Features
  • Reversible flange and base have an extended life up to 2 years
  • Pre-Filter should be replaced every 6 months to protect the filter
  • The filter soaks up and eliminates undesirable odors and potentially harmful chemicals
  • 50-millimeter carbon layer of thickness for higher performance and absorption
  • 1050+ IAV Australian RC412 Activated Carbon is one of the most absorbent carbons in the world
  • Keeps air clean and nice
  • Customer service is excellent
  • The included pre-filter looks good and durable
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware
  • The price is inexpensive
  • Packaging could be better – some customers have complained about receiving the unit with dents or covered in dust

4. G HYDRO Carbon Filter – 4 Inch – with Australia Virgin Charcoal

4. G HYDRO Carbon Filter – 4 Inch – with Australia Virgin Charcoal

With panel ventilation rating of up to 53-percent, the G HYDRO Carbon Filter plays a huge role in reducing the loss of air volume as well as increasing work efficiency. Besides, this air carbon filter will not get clogged, and that’s because it has a high-performance pre-filter that blocks a large number of particles. Another reason why the G HYDRO Carbon Filter is highly rated is that it is made of Virgin Australian Charcoal. This charcoal offers 100-percent filtered airflow, and this is a clear indication that you will not go wrong with this carbon filter fan. Moreover, this air carbon filter scrubber features a special design that enables it to effectively eliminate the odor from grow tents or get rid of pet odors, cigarette smells, kitchen fumes, and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Key Features
  • The dimensions of the air carbon filter scrubber are 4 by 14 inches
  • High-quality pre-filter blocks up to 99-percent of the particles
  • Virgin Australian activated charcoal is one of the most absorbent carbons in the world
  • Reversible flange & base promote longer life
  • Diverse applications allow you to use this item either as an exhaust filter or as an air intake
  • The packaging is amazing
  • Very sturdy and works great
  • Comes with a great-looking pre-filter
  • Wonderful for the price
  • The item is of good quality
  • The filter is quite restrictive; hence, it may not work nicely with a less than powerful blower

5. Hydro Crunch 100 CFM Booster Fan (4 inch) & Carbon Filter (4” x 12”)

5. Hydro Crunch 100 CFM Booster Fan (4 inch) & Carbon Filter (4” x 12”)

You get a 4-inch booster fan and a 4 x 12-inch virgin carbon filter when you buy this package. You also get a non-insulated air duct measuring 25 feet long. In a nutshell, this is a complete kit that comes with everything you need so you can begin using it right out of packaging. The booster fan is backed by a 1-year warranty, and this is amazing, considering the low price point of this unit. Moreover, this booster fan is lightweight, and, therefore, installing it is a no-brainer. If you want to keep your grow room much healthier and more inviting than ever before, you should consider this package. It moves large volumes of air efficiently, thereby, helping to eliminate odor.

Key Features
  • The Virgin Carbon Filter is designed for an enclosed environment
  • Virgin carbon filter has large mesh openings that allow for a super effective scrub
  • Non-insulated air duct comes with 2 aluminum clamps
  • Life expectancy of the Virgin carbon filter is up to 18 months
  • Non-insulated air duct features 3-ply super thick construction for superior durability
  • The kit is shipped fast
  • It arrives exactly as described
  • Also controls temperature and humidity
  • The included accessories are solid
  • Great for anyone growing indoors
  • Very easy to set up
  • Not suitable for large tents

6. Hydroplanet Inline Fan Carbon Air Filter (6-inch) and Ducting Combo (25-feet)

6. Hydroplanet Inline Fan Carbon Air Filter (6-inch) and Ducting Combo (25-feet)

There are lots of ways to keep the temperature or humidity in your grow room under control. However, most of these ways are not eco-friendly. You will find that a good number of them tend to use more energy than anticipated to get the job done. Well, that’s where the Hydroplanet Inline Fan Carbon Air Filter comes into play. It exchanges stale air with fresh air, thereby, keeping your grow room nice and clean. More importantly, this inline fan carbon air filter is eco-friendly. Its specifications include a Noise level of 63dB; CFM of 400; Amperage of 92A; Power Input of 110W; RPM of 2683, and Volt of 120V/60Hz. What’s more, this air carbon filter fan comes with a 6-inch air duct to provide you with an accomplished performance.

Key Features
  • 99.5-percent effective rate makes the carbon filter exceptional
  • 2-year warranty shows that this kit is quality
  • Non-insulated aluminum ducting comes with clamps
  • Rust-resistant housing makes the carbon filter durable
  • The carbon filter can be used horizontally or vertically
  • The shipping is fast
  • Items arrive well packed and in good shape
  • The fan is surprisingly quiet
  • Works great in getting rid of smells
  • The included variable speed dial is handy
  • Suitable for indoor growing
  • Instructions on how to set up the product could be better

7. TerraBloom 8” x 24” Air Carbon Filter for Inline Duct Fans

7. TerraBloom 8” x 24” Air Carbon Filter for Inline Duct Fans

Most carbon filters have low ratings, but the same cannot be said about the TerraBloom 8” x 24” Air Carbon Filter. The manufacturer only uses high-grade RC-48 Charcoal Carbon from Western Australia to produce it. As if that’s not enough, the manufacturer ensures the carbon bed in the filter is 46-millimeter thick as well as machine-packed with super small granules. These extremely tiny granules ensure at least 15-percent more carbon compared to what is in 38-millimeter thick carbon beds. In a nutshell, the TerraBloom 8” x 24” Air Carbon Filter helps you build a much better filtration system that not only does a good job of getting rid of smells but also has a longer lifespan. The duct opening of this package is 8 inches and the length of the filter is 24 inches.

Key Features
  • 90-day warranty gives you confidence during the purchase
  • The two included pre-filters (black and white) are machine washable for easy care
  • 46mm carbon bed proves that this item is highly effective
  • Wide applications make the carbon filter ideal for commercial space, workshop, and household use
  • 24-month life expectancy for long-term use
  • Gets rid of chemical smells and foul odors in a snap
  • It is shipped in a timely manner
  • The pre filters fit snug to the filter
  • The price point is great for what you get
  • The filter is well built
  • Would be better if the flange was reversible

8. BloomGrow 4” Inline Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo

8. BloomGrow 4” Inline Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo

The price of this filter ducting combo is a bit on the higher side than the prices of comparable items. However, we can tell you with a lot of confidence that it is worth it. This 4-inch inline fan carbon filter ducting combo comes with a lot of accessories. These include a fan speed controller, a thermometer ventilation system, and a 24-hour timer outlet. Needless to say, it comes with all the necessary items to make sure you can begin keeping odor at bay immediately you receive it. The filter is made of coal-based activated carbon that is eco-friendly to give you total peace of mind. Ideally, the thickness of the carbon layer is 1.5 inches. And, as far as the timer is concerned, the maximum wattage is 1800W, whereas the maximum current is 15A/120V/60Hz.

Key Features
  • Speed control dial controls variable speeds (High, Medium, and Low)
  • Hygrometer has a clock and calendar function shows the date and month
  • Hygrometer can be placed on the desktop or hung on the wall
  • Pre-filter included for enhanced performance
  • Clamps are adjustable, made of galvanized steel, and have a size of 4-1/2 inches
  • Great for small tents
  • Very easy to install
  • Works quietly and perfectly
  • Good for the price
  • The kit is delivered extremely quickly
  • Timer could be easier to set up

9. PrimeGarden 6” Inline Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo

9. PrimeGarden 6” Inline Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo

This kit includes a 24-hour timer outlet, a variable fan speed controller, and a hygrometer thermometer. It has everything you need to get rid of odors and foul smell from your grow tents. What’s more, the filter of this kit is made of coal-based activated carbon, which is eco-friendly. The filter also features a carbon layer thickness of 1.5 inches. It is high-performance and works great in eliminating the smell. Its life expectancy is 1 ~ 1.5 years, and it boasts a maximum endurable temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. Other accessories you will get when you buy this package are 2 hose clamps made of steel; one changeable Velcro pre-filter; one silver flex ducting, and two elastic ropes.

Key Features
  • Full/Off/Variable rocker switch of the fan speed controller ensures ease of use
  • Variable speed control includes High, Medium, and Low
  • Dual timer controls 2 outlets at the same time
  • Clamps are made of galvanized steel and are adjustable
  • The activated carbon filter has a life expectancy of 1 ~ 1.5 years
  • The fan is lightweight and easy to install
  • All pieces come in good condition
  • Works great for small greenhouses or grow rooms
  • The price is very reasonable
  • The fan works quietly
  • Customer service is outstanding
  • The diameter of the hose is the same as the diameter of the fan and filter. This means you will need an adapter pipe so the connection can fit

10. Vanleno Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal – 4inch

10. Vanleno Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal - 4inch

The package that comes with this filter odor control also includes one pair of rope ratchet, 2 free pre-filters, and heavy-duty flanges made of stainless steel. Like other top-notch models you know of, this carbon filter odor control comes complete so you can have a dream time using it. Moreover, this carbon filter odor control has decent specifications. These include airflow of 210CFM and a weight of 5.04 pounds. We must say that this carbon filter odor control is pretty heavy. However, this seems to be a blessing in disguise because it simply means the carbon filter odor control is of wonderful quality. Although it comes with all the accessories, this item is on the cheap side, and this is another reason why you should seriously consider getting it.

Key Features
  • Eliminates chemicals and odors from grow tents
  • Wide applications make this model suitable for kitchens, basements, planting tents, and bathrooms
  • Heavy-duty flanges are made of stainless steel for long-lasting performance
  • Made of 1200+ IAV Australian Activated Carbon
  • Two free pre-filters are made of top-notch materials that block up to 99.9-percent of particles
  • The design is simple and effective
  • Comes with hanging ropes featuring a ratchet
  • Comes with 2 well-made pre-filters
  • Has a wide range of uses
  • Flanges are made of stainless steel
  • None we know of


When producing flowers or simply growing, most plants produce super foul smells. Fortunately, you do not have to dread getting into your grow rooms anymore; thanks to the above carbon filter fans. They are quality units that eliminate all odors and chemicals, thereby, leaving your grow rooms smelling – nothing.

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