Top 10 Best Car Roof Bags in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Journey, the act of travelling from one place to another is not easy. It requires us to make many preparations such as checking the condition of the car and stuff arrangement. From putting all of it in the car or to a car trailer, it is still a hard choice to choose. Besides that, buying a car trailer cost a huge amount of money, and it is difficult to set up. On the other hand, we would highly recommend you to store all of your belonging into a car roof bags. It can save your car a lot of space and it is easy to install. Whether you have many kinds of stuff or odd-shaped loads, the good roof bags can handle all of it.

Also, these car roof bags can protect all of the stuff from any harsh elements such as rain, snow, dirt, grit, or even the ultraviolet from the sun. They are waterproof, and the cloth is made from premium quality materials, which can provide a strong security to your stuff. It can also protect your car’s paint from being scratched. As good as the features that we have mentioned, it is troublesome to find the best roof bags because there are many carriers out there in the market. After our thoroughgoing research, we have selected the top ten car rooftop bags to show you to help boost your confidence in your journey on this list.

Table Best Car Roof Bags

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1. Keeper Roof Top Cargo Waterproof Bag

1. Keeper Roof Top Cargo Waterproof Bag

The premium car roof bag is everything about protecting your item from any elements, carry everything you want, can be kept easily when you are not using it, and trouble-free to attach to the roof racks. Keeper Roof Top Cargo Bag is made of multiple layer rubber nylon, that can bring safety to your belonging. For the customer who worried about the rooftop bag not fitting their car, this bag has 15 cubic feet of space, which means that it can fit all kind of roof racks. Moreover, there is nothing to bother you about the water getting leak into the bag because the cargo is waterproof.

Overall dimension, the primary purpose of the bag needs to be big enough. With the total size of 44 x 34 x 17 inches, you can store a sufficient amount of thing, and it can fold compact for an unchallenging depot. The soft sides on the bag can be flexible to fit in the odd-shaped loads. Besides that, the bag will firmly stay on the rooftop without bouncing while you are driving.

Namely, the bag will not let the unwanted dirt get through to the inside because of the design. Even the hotness of the sun or wind is not an obstacle to ruin the outside of the bag. After using it on the hard road trip, the Keeper Roof Top Car will show you its capability, which is the kind of bag that the buyers are looking for.

The bag can be folded up to have minimal space when you are not store anything in it, so it does not take much space when it is not necessary. You will think that this bag is only for adventure or on-the-go families, but it can also be used for additional space when you are travelling.

Key Features
  • Sturdy: Made of heavy-duty construction
  • Convenient: The bag can increase the space of the car’s cargo
  • Assurance: Designed for all four sizes on the rooftop with its attachment
  • Comfortability: The soft-sided design will not impact passenger comfort
  • Can be installed easily
  • Does not make noise while on the road
  • The bag does not require crossbars because it can stay perfectly in place with the strap
  • The price is reasonable
  • Not recommended to use in less than four attachments

2. ToolGuards Waterproof & Coated Zippers Carrier Roof Bag

2. ToolGuards Waterproof & Coated Zippers Carrier Roof Bag

Regular roof bag can be fall off, tear apart, or scratch the top of your car that brings you nothing but a problem. With the extra heavy-duty materials that the ToolGuards has, it can withstand the road with ease. Regardless of its average size, the ToolGuard Coated Zippers Roof Bag is the suitable carrier for a vehicle with racks or without racks. As one of the best-selling car rack, the bag comes with numerous feature that can help you in many ways during your journey.

Firstly, every aspect of the rooftop bag has been engineered by the professional with attention to detail. There will not be any loose straps or broken zippers that will cause difficulty during the trip. Additionally, each of the features has been tested, and it works successfully without any issues. There are many bags out there that claimed to be waterproof, but they are not. This top carrier bag is made of tarpaulin and fabric guarded for the complete safety of your belonging when you stored them.

By the way, this adventure car roof bag is 100% dustproof and can protect the inside from the ultraviolet that will damage it. Better yet, it comes with the perfect protective mat that can prevent the rooftop of your car from being scuff against the bag.

Anyway, this bag can last from one trip to another without being torn apart. You will be confident in your adventure because the bag can bring all of the accessories at ease with reduced full consumption plus more aerodynamic.

Key Features
  • Lightweight: The bag is easy to carry
  • Storage: The 15 cubic feet space can store everything you want
  • Water-Resistant: The zipper comes with an extra flap to protect from the water coming in
  • Assurance: The clips and straps are strong enough to withstand any road struggling
  • The bag is angled for wind resistance, so the user will not fear of the bag falling off during heavy wind
  • Comes with four roof rack and door hook straps to strengthen the bag on the rooftop
  • Provides extra roof cargo bag for storage
  • The bag is easy to access
  • Do not put any sharp items against the fabric

3. Whistler Waterproof Roof Top Car Bag

3. Whistler Waterproof Roof Top Car Bag

Whistler Roof Top Car Bag is a must-have bag for those who like to travel while protecting their belonging. Particularly, when purchasing a good car bags, people always look for a stability one, meaning that it can provide them with many purposes. As one of the top-notch bags, there are multiple benefits that you can acquire from this bag.

Not only that, but this product also comes with a non-slip pad that can keep the bag on the rooftop securely from sliding off. The anti-scratch pad can also protect your car painting from being scratch. These pads bring you the perfect protection that you are pursuing when buying a car bag. The straps are made of premium cam-buckle material, which is waterproof with the length of 1.5 inches wide. With an enormous breaking strength at 800 pounds, there is nothing for you to worry about it breaking off from the rooftop.

More than that, the 15 cubic feet of space, can easily store your things without any trouble. On the other hand, with the storage bag, you can load the roof bag into it when you are not travelling or camping. By doing this, you can save space for your car to keep other necessary things.

For people who think that this bag looks low-tech, you have to ponder about its ability. Everything that you have packed into the Whistler Roof Top Car Bag will arrive in the perfect condition. Importantly, you can even strengthen the bag security with the padlock because the dual zippers have a strap that can accept any lock.

Key Features
  • Waterproof: The bag is made of tarpaulin to withstand rain, sleet, hail, or snow
  • Size: The overall dimension of 14 x 10 x 8 inches can store most of your belonging
  • Lightweight: You can quickly put it on the rooftop because it weighs only 8.38 pounds
  • Ultra-Durability: Made of black heavy-duty canvas to holdout against any harsh situation
  • It is easy to install and fill
  • Can keep everything inside the bag dry even through a rainstorm
  • Suitable for any SUV or car van
  • Does not require racks
  • Not includes a metal tray that attaches to the hitch

4. RoofPax Heavy-Duty Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

4. RoofPax Heavy-Duty Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Rooftop bags that you can find in the retail are in a very great extent of capacity, made of high-quality material, or the bag design. The customers can choose any products that are fitting for their usage or never stress about ruining the belonging inside of it. With multiple features that the RoofPax Heavy-Duty Rooftop Bag has, your road trip is guarantee to be in a safe condition.

Modify your journey into an impressive one that everyone who comes across will be in awe due to your deluxe bag. Due to the military-grade materials that the RoofPax Bag made of, it comes in a waterproof double seam technology to protect the thing inside the bag. The 10 Velcro elastic straps can prevent the strap from flapping needlessly. Besides, the bag has durable SBS zippers, which are the premium quality zipper that you can find. Not to mention that the bag works perfectly with or without roof rack in any SUV or sized car.

For people who pursue a large enough bag to put their stuff for the long journey, this X-Large size bag is the perfect product with the overall dimension of 47.2 x 35.4 x 19.8 inches. You will never run out of room in the cargo storage because of the 19 cubic feet space. In addition, it can hold roughly from 4 to 6 suitcases and more without any issue during your travel.

Last but not least, there is a lock that has been approved by the TSA to strengthen the safety of the storage bag from being open unnecessary or stolen. The logo of the bag will become a light reflection at night, which is a good thing because it can make your car shiner alongside the car’s light.

Key Features
  • Highly Effective: Produced with double coating durable water repellent
  • Extra-Security: Includes built-in 7mm protective mat to prevent the bag from falling
  • Assurance: Crafted with a 1680D vinyl coated polyester
  • Finest Formula: Made of the stainless steel hooks
  • Comes with NIFCO buckles and dual strap covers
  • It is easy to install and takes less time
  • The coating is UV protection with tarpaulin
  • Made of durable synthetic fabrics
  • Nothing displeasing to talk about this product

5. Asami Weatherproof Car Roof Top Bag

5. Asami Weatherproof Car Roof Top Bag

If you are looking to buy a classic design bag with a reasonably priced to enhance your trip, this is the Asami Car Roof Top Bag that can provide you with many benefits. Despite the softcover of the bag, it can revamp the problems that people often face during their journey. Therefore, the bag has been put in the top spot among the best rooftop bag because of its convenience.

Interestingly, this bag has a soft sides top carrier that can flex to accommodate any odd-shaped items. The typical hard carrier bag struggle to do this and it is what made the Asami Roof Top Bag stands out among the other bag. Whether it is bumps, steep hills, curves, or high speed that the car is going through, it is not an issue for this bag because it is jolt-proof, anti-incline, no swings and resistant to any hard brakes. You can be at ease because this bag is made to withstand all of these problems during a harsh journey.

Anyway, the durability of the bag is a very high standard due to the enhancement of a 100% waterproof capability. The wind, grit, rain, or heat cannot penetrate through the zipper because of the waterproof tarpaulin. There is nothing for you to worry about; for example, the water went in the zipper since it has been designed by using a three-layer flap to keep your staff completely dry. The luggage also made of vinyl-coated polyester that can resist any harsh weather while keeping the bag clean.

Even better, when you are not using the bag and want to save space, you can fold it compactly from the size of 44 x 32 inches to roughly 10 x 14.5 inches. Worry not, the Velcro cover reinforces the bag safety to another level because it can keep your belonging tightly. Lastly, the welded seam enables the user to carry the bag without any difficulty.

Key Features
  • Storage: The 44 x 34 x 17 inches packs with 15 cubic feet space will give you enough space
  • Maximum Weight: It can store up to 99 pounds of stuff without any problem
  • Premium Fabric: Mesh cloth composed of high density for extra durability and strength
  • Thoughtful Design: It can be bend without dealing with bulky cover bag
  • Comes with eight reinforced straps
  • The heavy-duty buckles can secure the installation
  • Easy to maintain by wiping occasionally
  • Suitable for vans, SUV, Sedan and many more
  • Cannot fit the car that does not have a roof rack

6. SUNER POWER Heavy Duty Roof Top Cargo

6. SUNER POWER Heavy Duty Roof Top Cargo

Buyers are continually taking into consideration about the problem they face in their adventure. They aspire to find the rooftop cargo that can fix all of their concern into something better. This could be hard work because there are tons of bag that are available to them. On the other hand, we would advise you to purchase the regular-sized but beneficial bag, the SUNER POWER Heavy Duty Roof Top Cargo.

Created in a close-packed shape, the bag is made of vinyl-coated polyester, which is highly chemically stable, and easy to sterilize. The military-grade materials made this bag five times durable than any nylon oxford fabric. With the overall dimension of 15.5 x 12.7 x 5.1 inches, it is equivalent of two medium suitcases and two sleeping bags combining together. You can expand your car inner space with this 15 cubic feet/ 425 liters of space.

Also, you will get ten reinforced straps that can be adjusted instead of a usual six to solidly keep the bag stand firmly on top of the roof racks. By simply fasten the bag through the car door by the six metal door hooks, your bag will be perfectly safe and secure even on the rough road. The SUNER POWER Roof Top fits for all cars whether it is with or without racks. The car door hooks can intensify the rooftop bag for the more stable condition during the journey.

For the steady position, the bag also has a mat, which is anti-slip. The rug is an extra but valuable feature that this bag provides because the bag will not scratch the rooftop paint, and it has no residue. If we talk about the goods inside the bag, it is equipped with oversized coated zippers, sturdy straps, and reinforced seam to provide stable and safety shape. Even going through the grit, snow, rain, sun, or wind, the cargo will stay clean and dry.

Key Features
  • Anti-Ultraviolet: Resistant to high temperature
  • Water Resistant: It can completely stop the water from coming in
  • Save Space: The bag can be folded compactly to free up vehicle space
  • Sturdiness: The bag condition will stay the same even experienced harsh condition
  • The quick-release buckle is simple to put and pull out
  • Ideal for car, van, SUV, and truck
  • The bag is flexible enough to maneuver to fit more stuff
  • It has three years limited warranty
  • The zippers are a little bit small

7. Mockins Abrasion Resistant Vinyl Cargo Roof Bag

7. Mockins Abrasion Resistant Vinyl Cargo Roof Bag

There are numerous reasons why the Mockins Abrasion Cargo Roof Bag is high on request. The customers who have used the bag must have experience its high quality and capability. It works perfectly with a car that has a roof rack, making it accessible to many buyers. Regardless of you desiring to keep your belonging from being vandalized, this roof bag can provide a high level of security to keep up your wish.

Firstly, the capacity of the bag is high, which is 15 cubic feet, and the overall dimension is 44 x 34 x 18 inches. That being said, there are various stuff that you can keep inside this big bag. You can save your vehicle cargo space, allowing the passenger comfortability without any issue. The softshell material enables you to save space when you are not using. You can fold the bag compactly to the size of 11 x 6 x 15 inches.

Plus, the Mockins Cargo Roof Bag is made from heavy-duty abrasion that is resistant vinyl. It gives the best weather protection to your stuff even in an extreme condition. Whether it is sand, snow, wind, rain, or sun, the bag can withstand all the problems with ease. Similarly, the 100% water-resistant cloth can keep your things dry and nice during your journey.

Better still, the bag weighs 10 pounds, meaning that it is easy enough for you to carry to put it on the rooftop of your car. With the protective mat with the size of 36 x 39 inches, to keep the thing in place and preventing any scratches or damage to your vehicle. All in all, this waterproof bag is a vital product for those who want to have a smooth journey.

Key Features
  • Convenient: Includes two extra ratchet straps to attach to your car
  • Extra Security: Covered by a 2-inch protective flap with a durable zipper
  • Stable: It has four heavy-duty cords to provide steady condition to the bag
  • Polished Bag: Design in the smooth black cloth to keep your belonging
  • Easy to install on any vehicle
  • It is sturdy enough to withstand any harsh road trip
  • Comes with an anti-slip pad to protect the bag
  • Can withstand the wind even driving in high-speed
  • Hard to install on the vehicle without roof rack

8. FIVKLEMNZ Anti-Slip Waterproof Car Roof Cargo Carrier

8. FIVKLEMNZ Anti-Slip Waterproof Car Roof Cargo Carrier

When you want to change your old rooftop bag to improve your journey, you probably need a flawless bag to carry your belonging so the road trip will go smoothly. Well, the FIVKLEMNZ Car Roof Cargo Carrier can be your helper since it will provide you with a satisfying result, which most people are looking for. With the large storage space design, you can put many pieces of stuff inside without any issue.

The 15 cubic feet of the FIVKLEMNZ Car Roof Cargo grants the buyers to put any kind of stuff include sleeping bags, tents, 4-6 suitcases, travel luggage case and many more. Imagine putting all of these things inside of the car, you will not have much space, and it will hinder the passenger comfort. This is the perfect bag for those who carry around many stuff while going on a long trip. While the bag has a high strength zipper with extra flap, you do not have to worry about the stuff slipping out of the bag.

More importantly, the cloth of the bag is waterproof, meaning that it can withstand any harsh condition, whether it is rain or snow. With the bag made of polyvinyl chloride tarpaulin, there is nothing that can go through the cloth. Not to mention the seams, which is stitched and heat welded to make sure tightly sealed.

Furthermore, the rooftop cargo carrier is fitting for any car such as SUV, car, or truck. When it is not in use, you can fold it compactly to store it easily. Lastly, the bag can withstand any tear, abrasion, extreme heat or cold and even the ultraviolet from the sun while keeping your belonging in a safe condition.

Key Features
  • Storage: The bag gives you the size of 43 x 33 x 15 inches
  • Accessible: Can be used on a car with or without a rack
  • High-Speed Safety: The eight reinforced straps can keep the bag in place without bumping around
  • Safety of the Car: The painting of the car will not be scratch due to the protective mat
  • The bag is easy to install
  • Includes four door hooks for maximum safety
  • The bag is made from a military-grade component
  • All of the materials are thick
  • There is nothing to complain about this product

9. JUSTINCASE Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Top Carrier

9. JUSTINCASE Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Top Carrier

The JUSTINCASE Car Top Carrier has made it to the list because it deserves it. The bag is practical and executes precisely as it was advertised. It can stay firmly at the top of your car without damaging the car roof pain because of the sturdy built-in protective mat. This is the all-in-one bag, which is perfect for a vehicle with racks, and without the rack. Because of its eminence, there are many products out there that emulate the JUSTINCASE’s car bag, so you have to take caution when purchasing to be certain that you get the genuine one.

Ideally, this is the extra-large car top carrier that wields four extra safety door hooks. You can use it to hook on the door instead of using it inside the car, which can cause many problems such as tear fabric upholstery, damage the door seals and car windows. More than that, you can also use it on the side rails of the truck, and it will stay still without bouncing around.

This particular rooftop car bag has been suggested by most of the buyers for its usefulness. It comes in an enormous storage capacity of 47.2 x 35.4 x 19.9 inches. The 19 cubic feet of storage is enough to fit in six to seven medium suitcases or boxes. Some of the rooftop cargo carriers out there might not fit everything you need because it lacks space.

On the other hand, this bag is dependable than any luggage box, or the standard car rack storage. The advanced design of the bag allowed it to be spacious and can get to grips with any travel challenge. This bag is an ultra-durable product that is made from a 600D polyvinyl chloride fabric. What’s more, the dual-seam welding technology can do away with tears, rips and wear under any rugged conditions.

Key Features
  • Water-Resistant: Made from high-quality waterproof materials
  • Lightweight: The bag weighs only 7.7 pounds, and it is easy enough to carry around
  • Reliability: The large pulls SBS zippers can prevent the bag from being open needlessly
  • Prolonged Use: Designed for long life and high performance
  • The eight Velcro fasteners and three double strap covers that stop the bag from flapping at high speeds
  • The rooftop bag is easy to install
  • Suitable for any size of SUV or car
  • Excellent level of detail on the bag
  • The bag is a bit pricy

10. MIDABAO Car Cargo Roof Bag with Thickened 20 Cubic

10. MIDABAO Car Cargo Roof Bag with Thickened 20 Cubic

Are you keenly to saving your car space while putting all of your stuff in a safe and secure bag? The MIDABAO Car Cargo Roof Bag is a committed bag that gives top-notch performance for different kind of road trip problems. With this bag, the responsibility of providing more storage will become uncomplicated. Different from any regular bag, the MIDABAO Cargo Roof Bag proceeds with 20 cubic feet that can give an additional cargo room to store your belonging to more than ten travelling bags.

For people who travel a lot, their stuff tends to be damaged from any typical bag. This will bring nothing but discomfort to them. Featured with the high-quality military-grade cloth, the chance of your materials being impaired will be brought down to the lowest. The rubber laminated nylon element and convenient design will supply more security to your things. For instance, the bag is made for all car roof racks with the attachment to all four sides.

Supported by the waterproof fabric, there will be nothing that can go through this bag, whether it is water, dirt, grit, sun, rain, or snow. The bag can give you intense protection by any elements from the inside and out. In the same breath, you do not have to worry about the outside factor that can bring detriment to your stuff.

As expected, the bag provides an additional protective mat to keep the bag to stay firmly on the rooftop and not scratching the car paint. Notably, this carrier has a strong zipper with an extra flap to keep your stuff securely and in stable condition.

Key Features
  • Big Storage: The bag provides the size of 51.1 x 39 x 17 inches
  • After Usage: When not in use, you can fold the bag compactly to save the space
  • Well-Built: The heavy-duty structure can protect your stuff from being exposure
  • Soft-Sided Design: Allows to fit in any odd shape items
  • Includes one bag for storage at the size of 14 x 11.5 x 7 inches
  • Comes with six long straps and two lengthened straps
  • The bag is easy to attach to the car
  • The zipper is hidden and covered to keep your belonging safe
  • The bag is a soft carrier

Factors to consider when buying the best Car Roof Bags | Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a car roof bag is not an easy task because selecting the wrong ones can lead to many issues. If you plan to keep your stuff, you will have to get the most practical bag. This is critical for obtaining satisfaction as your belonging will be safe from any outside elements. To get the most effective product for your journey, you need to understand the attribute of it. The section below is some of the essential features that you should know when buying a car roof bag.

How you will take advantage of the merchandise

You have to have a clear objective when buying a carrier. Be sure that the product’s quality is premium and does not come with the weak straps or zippers. Obviously, the outside of the bag needs to be firm enough to withstand any harsh condition during the road trip. Plus, you have to make sure that it does not slip or bouncing around while on the high speed.

Manufacturing Components

You have to take into consideration about the material of the bag. The cloth of the carrier has to be reliable. It needs to be made from the military-grade, vinyl-coated polyester, or polyvinyl chloride fabric. These are the best elements that you can in the rooftop bag. Plus, you have to be certain that the product is waterproof to protect all of your belonging.

Size of the Rooftop Bag

The other main factor is the size of the bag. For people who travel alone, they do not need much space to keep their object. On the other hand, if you are going on the journey with the whole family, the bigger of the size, the better.


In conclusion, the car rooftop bags that we have mentioned above are the best carriers that have been suggested by most of the buyers. The trouble-free installation and many fine features have made the rooftop bags appropriate for any cars. But you have to take caution when choosing the carrier because of the similar design and brand names. On the other hand, there are different price tags and sizes in each carrier bag for you to select. We hope that you can find the best rooftop bag that can satisfy your specific need.

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