Top 10 Best Ball Joint Separators in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Lack of sufficient lubrication in the vehicles moving parts accelerate wear and tear significantly. This will degrade the performance of your car and if left unchecked it can prompt the demise of your vehicle. Ball in socket joints corrodes fast and when they wear out, you will notice a weird clunking sound when your car is in motion. The best ball joint separator will assist you in replacing these joints and other corroded parts.

Taking your car to a mechanic to a mechanic to replace the ball joint could cost you over a thousand 1000 bucks. What most people don’t realize is that you can easily handle the replacement on your own. Who wouldn’t want to save 1000 dollars in this hard economic time? But, there is a catch; for you to carry out the procedure successfully, you need the right tool. In this guide, we have reviewed the top 10 best ball joint separators that enable a precision and speedy ball joint replacement.

Table Best Ball Joint Separators

1. Orion Motor TechHeavy Duty Ball Joint Press Tool Kit

1. Orion Motor TechHeavy Duty Ball Joint Press Tool Kit

One of the reasons why off-road warriors and professional mechanics trust the Orion brand is the fact that it has always produced the highest quality products for years. Living by its legacy, the Orion Motor tech ball joint removal it handcrafted from forged steel with black oxide adapters. This ensures optimal strength and durability.

Boasting of universal design, this ball joint tool with adapter is usable in removing press fit pats that include not only ball joints but also brake anchor pins and U-joints on both 4WD and 2WD vehicles. Even better, this tool does so without removing your vehicle’s control arm.

Unlike other models, this kit is compatible with most vehicles. It is compatible with American domestic as well as imported cars. Another great feature is that this model comes with a press type ball joint adapter that allows for service for all vehicles manufactured from the year 1967. This includes vehicles such as GM, Ford, Jeep, IHC, and Dodge.

Say goodbye to mediocre products, this model also comes in an organized in a sturdy custom-made case. The case keeps every tool in your case secure and top conditions. Another great feature is that it comes with an ergonomic handle that lets you carry your items safely and stores them conveniently.

Key Features
  • Comes with a wide range of adapters
  • Universally compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  • The tool kit is enclosed in a plastic blow-molded carrying case
  • Constructed from heavy-duty forged steel
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures reliable service for years
  • Compatible with most vehicles
  • Includes all the adapters you need
  • The brand provides fast technical support whenever you need it
  • Slightly heavier than other models

If you are tired of using a stubborn ball joint that doesn’t separate easily, you should go for this model. It is compatible with all types of domestic and imported cars. The safe plastic case ensures your tools are kept in place while the ball joint adjusts to 2 inches. This ensures a snap ball joint removal.

2. GEARWRENCH Universal Ball Joint Separator

2. GEARWRENCH Universal Ball Joint Separator

Are you tired of purchasing a substandard joint service tool for your vehicles? If so, give this model a try. This is a simple ball joint separator that comes in not only a low price tag but also delivers superior functionality. Despite its simplicity, it is designed to tackle tough applications and is compatible with most vehicles. Better yet, the GEARWRENCH is a famous brand, which has been in existence for years and has built a solid reputation on its faultless line of service tools.

One of the features that make this model stand out is the built quality. It is made using forged steel, which is strong enough to handle tough applications. Right from the box, you will notice that it is, outstanding craftsmanship is bound to perform well. Different from a cheap piece of junk, it has nicely shaped edges and smooth casting.

Now to its functionality, this ball joint separator has threaded holes for the pivot with the drive bolt having a clean and precise design. The drive and pivot are easy to turn and aren’t in a way sloppy in the thread. Secondly, it comes with two pivot pin settings. This ensures that the separator retains a compact design at all times.

While it doesn’t come with a carrying case, this unit is easy to fit in your toolbox. We love the scratch-resistant casting that ensures it retains a smooth look for years. When it comes to the settings this ball joint separator’s lower setting opens to a maximum of 1.125”, while the highest opening the jaw opens up to 2.125”. Thanks to the improved functionality, this uniquely designed separator will save you many headaches when dealing with ball joints.

Key Features
  • Adjustable to fit different size ball joints
  • Made for everyday use
  • Optimal 30 and 56mm maximum opening capacity
  • Ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use
  • Very easy to use for all car types
  • Decent 56-mm maximum opening
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Made to last
  • Carry case not included

Dealing with a ball joint isn’t easy. This scissor-type ball joint separator might look simple but it may surprise you when it comes to functionality. Unlike other ball joint service tools, this model is compact and easy to access tightly squeezed ball joints or those that are hidden by other suspension parts. Moreover, this model beats its peers’ hands down, as it is safe and easy to use.

3. Astro Pneumatic Tool 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool

3. Astro Pneumatic Tool 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool

The Astro Pneumatic joint service tool is an excellent kit for installing various press-fit parts including ball joints, brake pins, and universal joints. This handy tool kit is also ideal in removing corroded and rusted parts. For enhanced convenience, this model comes in a molded plastic case that makes it not only easy to transport but also store. Equally, this model comes with adapters and three receiver tubes.

With heavy-duty forged steel construction, this kit is sure to bring you a service that you can depend on for years. Another handy feature that comes with this model is the four-wheel-drive ball joint that is compatible with 1967 to the latest 0.5 and 0.75 4WD vehicles.

Thanks to the superior design, this model is capable of handling the most powerful impact, making it an ideal choice for personal and commercial turn over suspension shops. It provides professional quality in a small factor kit that you can take anywhere. Equally important this model is also re-engineered to stay at the forefront of the modern-day most powerful impact wrenches. This model is capable of supporting a hanging loaded 18-wheeler.

Also important this model comes with differently sized sleeves and adapters. This allows you to tackle most standard applications such as removal and installation for ball joints as well as removing U joints. It is also compatible with most vehicles including smaller sedans and 4wd trucks. What’s more, with a high-end forged alloy construction, this model provides the best in class durability and strength.

Key Features
  • Includes Universal Adapters and Sleeves
  • New Forged Alloy construction delivers top-class strength and durability
  • Compatible with most vehicles
  • The plastic molded case for easy storage and transport
  • It removes rusted and corroded parts easily
  • Made from thick steel
  • Surprisingly lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Works with most vehicles
  • Can damage boots and grommets

Since the start, the Astro service tools are designed to provide top-class performance. This model comes with all the adapters that you need to deal with common applications. Another great feature of this model is that it has been upgraded with new features for more enhanced performance. Overall, this model will not disappoint in terms of compatibility, functionality, and durability.

4. OTC 6295 Front End Service Tool Kit

4. OTC 6295 Front End Service Tool Kit

While the OTC 6295 is designed for jeeps and trucks, it is versatile enough to work on most vehicles. It features a large frame that has a replaceable screw, making it a reliable choice for a variety of applications. The service kit comes with five common tools, which include two ball joint ball separators, 2 pitman, and three tie rod pullers. Thanks to its versatile tool, this kit enables you to repair small and large balls joints as well as service various styled tie rods.

Each of the tools is made of high-quality materials that ensure top performance for years. The construction materials are sturdy and resist cracking, rusting or breaking when in use. Better still, this model comes with a high-end blow-molded storage case that keeps the tool protected against damage when not in use. The storage case also keeps the tools organized while its compact design makes it easy to transport.

Similarly, this ball joint removal kit comes with various adapters that make your job easier. The adapters enable you to reach tightly placed joints as well as oddly sized joints. Whether you are looking to replace the ball joints for your sedan or truck this unit is beefy. It doesn’t distort or bend under pressure.

As you probably know, without the right adapters, your ball joint separator assistance is limited. Additionally, stacked adapters may shift under the pressure. However, this model comes with specialized adapters that are sturdy and makes the repairs super easy.

Key Features
  • Includes two pitman arm pullers for large or small ball joint applications
  • Includes a durable blow-molded storage case
  • It is adjustable up to 2 inches
  • Three different tie rod pullers included
  • Tough construction materials ensure reliable service for years
  • It comes with a high-quality carrying case
  • It has various adapters that make it a great choice for all vehicle models
  • Safe and simple to operate
  • Some wish that it could have more adapters

With rugged construction materials perfectly paired with a robust design, this ball joint separator will get the job done perfectly for years. While it doesn’t come with lots of adapters, the few adapters included will enable you to access and replace ball joints in most vehicles. Additionally, this model comes with a sturdy carrying case that enables you to carry and store the tools easily.

5. OEMTOOLS Tools 27308 Common Ball Joint Separator

5. OEMTOOLS Tools 27308 Common Ball Joint Separator

You will need to replace your vehicle’s ball joints every 75,000 to 150,000 miles. While you may allow your mechanic to tackle the exercise, you can save yourself the heavy price by owing this common joint separator from OEMTOOLS. These ball joint service tools are easy to use and require no prior experience. To use it, you only need a 0.75” socket and grease and the rest is super easy.

Various indications tell you that your car needs a ball joint service. The most common symptom is a clunking sound when your car is moving. Well, since the ball joints don’t have the same size, this handy tool comes with several adapters that help you in servicing them.

Buy with confidence; dissimilar from poorly constructed units that shatter under pressure, this model is made of steel materials with black oxide coated pins. This ensures optimal performance even when dealing with overly corroded ball joints. The beefy design doesn’t budge even on a heavy load.

More importantly, this tool comes in a compact design. This enables you to access ball joints in tight spaces. Another excellent feature is that the rod ends will not damage the dust boot. Its screw tip holds everything in place without twisting. What’s more, this model is compatible with most local and imported front-wheel drive vehicles.

Key Features
  • Adjustable design makes it easy to use on different size ball joints
  • Sturdy steel construction for enhanced performance
  • Includes a sturdy storage/carrying case
  • Compatible with most local and imported front-wheel drive vehicles
  • Works well with most vehicles
  • Made to last for years
  • Safe for use by both you and the vehicle
  • Requires no prior experience
  • Limited compatibility with heavy 4WD vehicles

If you are looking for a ball joint separator that works efficiently and quickly, we highly recommend this product. It is a perfect pick for both DIYers and car repair specialists. The beefy design with an all-steel construction will deliver exceptional service for years. It is also made by a brand that you can trust!

6. CARTMAN 4-in-1 Ball Joint Deluxe Service Kit Tool

6. CARTMAN 4-in-1 Ball Joint Deluxe Service Kit Tool

The 4 in 1 CARTMAN service kit tool brings the perfect blend of easy functionality and simplicity. This makes it not only a great choice for beginners but also experienced mechanic. This is an all-inclusive service kit that offers you with all the essential tools for efficient ball joint replacement. The kit includes a C frame press, three-receiver tubes along with a C frame screw.

As expected, this model comes in a sturdy and durable construction. All the tools are made of forged steels that are coated to prevent rusting or corrosion. This goes a long way in ensuring a quality service for years. Thanks to the included adapter, this separator is perfect for all four-wheelers. It is capable of removing brittle and other eroded parts with ease.

Secondly, this model is easy to transport. The handy carrying case comes with a separate compartment for each tool and adapter. This ensures that all your tools are compact and organized. The case also safeguards the tools from scratches, rusting and other damage.

Not just that, the case also makes the tools easy to store. Since each tool has its compartment, it also ensures that you have put all the accessories back. Despite all these excellent features, it is important to note that the unit comes at a relatively low price.

Key Features
  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable
  • It has high-quality mold casing
  • Solid construction is perfect for 4WD ball joint replacement
  • Comes with differently sized adapters
  • Universal design makes it compatible with most vehicles
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners alike
  • It is capable of removing rusted as well as corroded parts
  • All the tools are resistant to corrosion rust
  • Compatibility issues with some of the imported sedan models

With CARTMAN Ball Joint Deluxe Service Kit, all the mysterious clunking noise when your car is in motion will vanish. This tool is made using high-grade materials that ensure optimal performance even on a heavy load. More importantly, this model comes with all essential receiver tubes, an adapter, and a high-quality storage case.

7. Powerbuilt 648626 6 Pc Front End Service Set Kit 3

7. Powerbuilt 648626 6 Pc Front End Service Set Kit 3

The Powebuilt 648626 ball joint service kit is the epitome of what an efficient kit should have. This tool comes with all the accessories that you need for an effective ball joint replacement. Even better, this model is designed with beginners’ needs in mind. It includes a detailed usage guide with clear photos showing how to use it.

Similarly, this service kit is capable of handling various tasks. You can rely on its exceptional functionality from ball joint replacement, changing tie rods ends to servicing the steering boxes. Take advantage of the new and much stronger C frame that is designed to undertake the heaviest tasks with ease. Unlike other models, this unit comes with an unmatched power allowing it to support an 18-wheeler truck.

In the same breath, this model comes with various adapters that are redesigned to fit in tight spots. More than this, the adapters are also easily customizable. This makes them applicable in various applications and gets the work done at a moment notice. Besides replacing the ball joints, this handy product is also applicable in replacing other corroded parts.

You would want your tool and accessory to stay in top condition, wouldn’t you? Well, with this model you don’t have to worry about your ugly scratch marks and damages when transporting them. The kit comes with a hard blow mold casing that keeps your tools protected and easy to transport. Besides, this case also keeps your tools well organized.

Key Features
  • Sturdy construction makes it ideal for various applications
  • Comes with adjustable adapters
  • Complete repair kit for ball joints replacement, changing rod ends and servicing steering linkages
  • Includes a high-end storage box
  • The adaptable design makes it usable for various applications
  • All-inclusive ball joint separator kit
  • Well designed pullers ensure enhanced precision
  • Superior construction makes it outperform its peers
  • Some find it a bit hard to use especially when dealing with smaller cars

The Powerbuilt is the new talk of the town thanks to its extraordinary performance. Therefore, if you are looking for something with advanced functionality, then this model will not disappoint you. Additionally, this model comes with all the essential tools and adapters that you need in replacing the ball joints. The wide choice also makes it versatile to use in most vehicle types.

8. DAYUAN 5pcs Professional Front End Service Tool Kit

8. DAYUAN 5pcs Professional Front End Service Tool Kit

This five-piece front-end service tool kit enables you to remove ball joints, pitman arms as well as the tie end rods. What makes this model stand out is probably the fact that it comes with five different pullers that are compatible with most car modes. This eliminates the carrying of multiple extra tools. Better still, with this model; you never have to worry about damaging your car boot as is it commonly seen with the fork type separators.

Get rid of damaged brakes, worn-out joints and rusted parts quickly with the help of this versatile front-end service tool. When compared with other tools, you can now dismantle the part much easier thanks to the strong steel design that exerts exceptional pressure.

Speaking of design, this model boasts of heat-treated alloy steel that ensures first-class durability and strength. This enables you to deal with overly corroded ball joints and other parts. Also important, the tough construction ensures that the tool stays in top condition even when it drops on the ground accidentally.

Better yet, the five tools are differently sized making it easy to remove even the most stubborn tie rods, joints, and pitman’s arms. Also, this model comes with an ABS carrying case that is easy to transport and store.

Key Features
  • Solid heat-treated alloy steel construction
  • ABS carrying case included
  • Has step-by-step instructions
  • Versatility design for enhanced functionality
  • It includes a wide range of adapters
  • Perfect for both classic and modern cars
  • Helps you replace all the corroded components
  • Highly durable construction
  • Some issues with compatibility for 4WD vehicles( only a few models)

Relatively affordable without sacrificing functionality, the DAYUAN Tool Kit is a functional tool that enables you to replace all the corroded parts easily. We love the versatile design which is not only capable of accessing tightly placed ball joints but also compatible with most vehicles. What’s more, its steel body makes it highly rigid.

9. ABN Universal Ball Joint Separator

9. ABN Universal Ball Joint Separator

The ABN Universal Ball separator is designed to provide you with precision and speed when removing tie rods, ball joints, and pitman arms on cars and trucks. This bad boy comes in a study design but still maintains a sleek and compact design that fits in tight spaces. With a universal design, this model will fit the European, American, Japanese, and other foreign cars, light trucks and ATVs.

This universal ball joint separator is crafted from cast steel and hardened steel pivot pin. The scissor shaped design is also practical to use when dealing with various components including the tie rod ends and lower ball joints. And, it does so without the grease boots.

The versatile design also makes it compatible with most car models including the American domestic, Japanese European and other foreign imported cars. Interestingly, this model is also very easy to use. Unlike other models, it fits in tight spaces and uses a simple press mechanism. Also, the ergonomic handle makes it easy to handle and control.

Your convenience is also prioritized thanks to the adjustable design. This model has a 0.9-inch adjustable height that is customizable to two sizes. This makes it compatible with most vehicles. Besides, the adjustable jaw opening from 1.125 inches to 2.125 can accommodate 0.75-inch sockets a 4/5 inch fork wrenches.

Key Features
  • Adjustable Jaw Opening
  • It has a 0.9” adjustable height
  • Functional Scissors-type design
  • Constructed from cast steel
  • Tough construction ensures reliable service
  • Sleek, strong, and efficient performance
  • Includes a high-quality case that allows for easy storage and transportation
  • The kit comes with all the essential set of tools
  • Somme adapters are too small for a truck

With sturdy construction, outstanding design, and excellent performance, now you probably understand while this model is so popular. This professionally designed ball joint separator is a perfect pick for separating tie rod, ball joints, and pitman arms from almost all vehicles. Each tool is crafted from forged steel that ensures long-lasting and reliable performance.

10. 8milelake 6pc Front End Service Tool Kit

10. 8milelake 6pc Front End Service Tool Kit

Whether you are a novice looking to replace the ball joints on your own or you are an experienced car repair specialist, the 8milelake tool kit brings you the functionality that you will like. This six-piece front-end service tool kit is capable of removal of worn-out ball joints and replaces them with absolute ease. We love the sturdy and strong design that provides enough power to replace the corroded parts.

This is a full-service kit that will not only help in the replacement of the ball joints but also replace brake pins and U joints. It also works perfectly to remove some of the most popular types of tie rods and pitman’s arms. We love the sturdy construction that is forged from heat-treated allow that has an anti-plating finish.

It comes in a full range adjustable design that is compatible with domestic and foreign vehicles. The unique design also ensures quick ball joint removal without damaging the fragile rubber boots. Notably, this model comes with a pitman puller, which handles tough pitman arm pulling tasks, especially on the compact vehicles.

Some of the other features that make this model stand out are the special 2-stage design and a grade heavy-duty construction. The unique design works perfectly with suspension as well as steering ball joints on most cars and light trucks. Equally, thanks to the extremely tough construction the strength of this tool is unrivaled.

Key Features
  • Made from forged steel alloy
  • Heavy-duty mold storage case included
  • Versatile design is built to deal with most corroded parts
  • Compatible with all cars and light trucks
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Sturdy, durable and portable
  • The casing ensures that your tools are organized and well protected
  • Comes at an affordable price tag
  • Require some expertise to use

The 8milelakeEnd Service Tool Kit Front boasts of professional-grade quality that brings forth the right balance between performance and durability. Surprisingly, this model has managed to retain a low price without compromising its functionality. Overall, this is a great pick for anyone looking for enhanced compatibility and precision.

Ball Joint Separator Buying Guide

Don’t be too quick when making your decision on the best ball joint separator to purchase. While these tool kits are not very expensive, a hasty decision could mean that you have wasted your hard-earned money. Well, with any of the above choices, you can be sure that you have something that delivers quality service. To assist you further, let us look at some of the features that you should at before making your purchase.


The process of removing a corroded ball joint requires strength. As such, a poorly constructed tool will not suffice. Before making the purchase, ensure that the tool is made from tough materials. We recommend going for a model that is crafted from forged steel, steel alloy or carbon steel. These materials ensure a long-lasting service that you can rely on for years.

Number of tools in the set

Different kits come with varying numbers of tools. Obviously, a set that has more tools and accessories has a high chance of providing decent performance. However, you should not only look at the number of tools. Ensure that the accessories actually work. We recommend going for kits with several receiver tubes, adapters, installation cups among others.

Versatility and Compatibility

Last but not the least; ensure that the model you pick is compatible with your vehicle. The kit should come with various adapters or receiver tubes to ensure that it is compatible with most vehicles. The models listed above are compatible with American, European and Japanese vehicles. However, it doesn’t hurt double-checking to ensure that it fits your particular car model.


Experienced mechanics, vehicle owner DIYers, and people looking to hone their skill in car servicing shouldn’t hesitate to try out any of the above sets. These models are crafted from heavy-duty materials to ensure top class performance for years. They also come with a molded carrying case that ensures your tools are well protected and organized. Moreover, they are versatile and compatible with most cars and light trucks. Happy Buying!

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