Top 10 Best Fruits For Increasing Your Breast Size

Are you searching for the best method to increase your breast size safely and quickly when at home? Then relax; we have got you covered in this article.

To look beautiful and sexy, as a woman, you must have a good appearance. One of the greatest elements, when you want to look awesome, is your breast size. Well-toned and big breasts are a source of confidence and a source of feel good hormone to women. However, it is not all women who are endowed with big breasts. There are several factors associated with small breasts, like genetic reasons. Luckily if you are not among the few who are lucky, you can still increase your breasts size to look good. The problem comes with the methods. Despite having many methods, only a few are safe. Some involve the use of chemical treatments; surgeries while others are a real struggle. But there is one sure way, and that is dieting correctly.The following are 10 best foods that help in increasing your breast size:

1. Soy products

Soy products

Do you know that most of the chemical and hormonal breast size enhancers sold in the market today are made from soy? But there is no need to for these processed chemicals while you can diet on soya products. Soya is a reputable bust enhancer. Soya being a rich protein source also helps in repairing and building your breast’s worn our cells. So when you want a safe, reliable and quick way to increase your breast size naturally, increase your intake of soy foods.

2. Avocado


Avocado fruit has multiple benefits in our bodies and among them is enhancing breast sizes. Avocado is a rich source of healthy fat that supports breast growth. The best part of avocado fats is that they do not pose you to any health risk. Unhealthy fats on the other side get stuck in your thigh, belly and arms. To increase your breasts, you need monosaturated fats that are also essentials for heart and brains growth. Other types of foods that are rich in monosaturated fats are sesame seed, linseed oil, flax seeds, herring, raw nuts, and olive oil.

3. Seeds


Do you know that seeds are also foods? There is always a misconception about where seeds fall. There are different types of seeds that can help women increase their intake to support their breast’s growth, for example, sesame seed, linseed oil, flax seeds, herring, raw nuts, and olive oil. As earlier mentioned these seeds are all rich sources of monosaturated fats. Another example is anise seeds that have an odor and taste similar to licorice and fennel. Anise seeds contain dianethole, anethole, and photoanethole. All the three compounds are known to increase the estrogen level in the body. High estrogen in the body means, stimulating the growth of breast cells. The seeds can also help increase the number of breast tissues.

4. Milk



Although many women do not know, milk is one food that helps in increasing their breasts. All dairy products have similar reproductive hormones, just like those in a human body. If you consider, milk from cows, it has hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin. All these are essential for milk production in all mammals.

5. Leafy greens

Leafy greens

Although green vegetables do not have much phytoestrogen, which is known to stimulate breast cell growth, they are still beneficial. Leafy vegetables, such as brassicas, spinach, and alfalfa, are known to be rich in antioxidants, calcium and iron. When you eat these greens frequently, you will enhance your breast tone and how they look.

6. Seafood


Seafood such as shellfish, seaweed and oysters are all rich in manganese. Meaning these foods support the production of more sex hormones, thereby promoting the growth of breast tissues. So when you want to increase your breast size and make them more toned, seafood is the best deal.

7. Nuts


When you want bigger and well-toned breasts, nuts are a good option. The good thing is that they are readily available, and you have a variety to choose from. The best nuts are cashew nuts, walnuts, peanuts, and pecan. They enhance your breast size courtesy of the fats and protein content.

8. Whole grains and fruits

Whole grains and fruits

This may sound funny, but do you know that too much testosterone in your body affects breast’s natural growth? Also did you know that testosterone is not just found in men? Therefore eating a lot of whole grains and fruits prevents your body from overproducing testosterone.

9. Lean meat

Lean meat

Diet rich in proteins supports breasts growth. Therefore, try as much as possible to increase your protein intake. Lean meat is a good example of food rich in such proteins. Luckily, you will not have to eat a lot of lean meat.

10. Herbs & Tofu

Herbs & Tofu

There are some herbs that can offer you magical results in your breast size. Such herbs include wild yam and fenugreek. Such herbs, promote the development of breast tissues. Saw palmetto is known to be good for distributing the good fats to your breasts, making them bigger. Tofu is sometimes referred as a miracle food. It has high estrogen level, low fat and high in proteins. They are readily available and easy to make. It is also wise to substitute meat with tofu, and you will see the changes.

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