Top 10 Best Floor Mats for Cars in 2021 Reviews

The model and features of a car are not the only things that make a vehicle impressive. There are small items in a car that majority of us take for granted yet they play an important role as far as the beauty of a car is concerned. One of these items is floor mats. However, a floor mat alone cannot help pimp your car; you need a high quality, unique floor mat. With the following top 10 best floor mats for cars reviews, you will be able to choose the best floor mat for your vehicle.

Table Best Floor Mats for Cars

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1. OxGord Universal Heavy Duty Floor Mat (Black)



This heavy-duty rubber floor mat is easy to install; thus, it will not take you long before you change the look of your vehicle. Ideally, it is easily trimmable for a customized fit, and as such, can make a perfect choice for many vehicles. It is also easy to clean and maintain, as you only need to spray it with a hose. Made of 100% rubber, this all-weather 3-piece floor mat is a high quality rubber built to last for a long time.

2. Rubber Queen Carpeted Floor Mat



Manufactured by Rubber Queen, one of the best manufacturers of automotive mats and accessories, this product is one of the best models on the market today. In most cases, Rubber Queen Carpeted Floor Mats are used with Eshco binding to enhance their appearance and value. They feature nibbed backing to keep them securely in place. They also have universal shape; hence, can perfectly fit in most trucks, SUVs, mini vans, and cars. Each set of Rubber Queen Carpeted Floor Mat contains four pieces; 2 are placed on the vehicle’s front and the other two are installed on the vehicle’s rear.

3. LA Auto Gear’s 4-Piece Vinyl Floor Mats



Another highly recommended floor mat in these top 10 best floor mats for cars reviews is LA Auto Gear’s 4-Piece Vinyl Floor Mats. Made from heavy-duty black vinyl, these 4-piece floor mats offer excellent all-weather protection for the front and rear carpets of your car. They feature durable channel design that holds water, debris, dirt, and snow, thereby, keeping the interior of your vehicle clean and dry. The mats are not only easy to clean but also are easy to trim with ordinary scissors for the best possible fit. It is universal; hence, suitable for most trucks, SUVs, and cars.

4. OxGord Trim 4 Fit Floor Mats



These floor mats protect the car’s floor areas by trapping dirt, spills, and grime. Made from a virtually indestructible rubber, OxGord Trim Floor Mats are durable and can protect your vehicle for a long time. They also enhance the appearance of a vehicle with their stunning, unique designs. Ideally, they feature superior waterproof qualities; hence, are a great solution for spills and moisture that tarnish factory carpets. OxGord Rubber Floor Mats also bring in the advantage of being extremely easy to clean, requiring little soap and hot water for rinsing away grime and spills.

5. FANMATS NFL Floor Mats



FANMATS NFL is among the top rated floor mats that could miss out on these top 10 best floor mats for cars reviews. They feature multi-level channels that help guide debris and dirt away from feet, and has skid-resistant surface that offers excellent traction. Ideally, they have nibbed backing to help keep your premium floor mat in place. They also feature outer rim to protect your factory carpenting from spills and grime.

6. PlastiColor Red and White Floor Mats



These R Racing Universal-Fit Molded Front floor mats offer the ultimate protection for active lifestyles. In addition to being durable and flexible, Red and White floor mats are easy to clean, and all you need is soap and water. Given their impressive appearance, expect your car to be complemented upon installing these all-weather floor mats. PlastiColor Red and White Floor Mats are often sold as a pair.

7. Universal Carpet Floor Mat



Protecting your car has never been this fun, thanks to the universal floor mat. Uniquely engineered and design, this mat promotes comfort while you drive. It is black and pink to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle. Coming in 4 pieces, two of these floor mats are in the vehicle’s front and the remaining two are used in the vehicle’s rear. It has non-skid backing feature, and it protects the vehicle against dirt, spills, stains, and any debris.

8. OxGord Universal Heavy Duty Floor Mat (Beige)



Also worth noting in these top 10 best floor mats for cars reviews is this all-weather durable floor mat. Coming in 4-piece full set, you will have the chance to install this floor mat in both the front and rear sections of your vehicle. They are easy to install and easy to clean; thus, they do not take much of your time in any situation. Designed to protect your car from notorious mud, ice, water and snow, OxGord Universal floor mat are made of 100% rubber; thus, are flexible and durable.

9. Two Tone 4-Piece Animal Print Floor Mat



Two-Tone Floor Mat comes in multiple designs including Black and Brown Cheetah, Pink and Black Leopard, Pink and Black Zebra, Purple and Black Zebra, White Gray Snow Leopard, and White and Black Zebra to curb differing preferences. With animal print designs, these floor mats will complement even the sleekest, coolest cars. They are available in 4 pieces; 2 are for the vehicle’s front and the other two are for the vehicle’s rear. Do not judge these floor mats based on their beautiful appearance, as they have the ability to effectively protect your car from dirt and spills.

10. Black Nibbed Rubber Floor Mats



The final product in these top 10 best floor mats for cars reviews is Black Nibbed Floor Mats with 3PC PVC Rubber. With more than 200 preset patterns, the rubber floor mat gives you a chance to protect your car’s interior by trapping the undesirable gravel, mud, dirt, and debris. They are equipped with traction-needled backing for non-slip properties. While the front mats (2) measure 28.75 inches by 18.5 inches, the rear mats measure 57.9 inches by 17 inches. The mats are easily trimmable to fit most Sedans, Vans, Crossovers, Trucks, and SUVs.

Choosing the best floor mat has never been easier. But with the top 10 best floor mats for cars reviews, you surely will find that unique floor mat with adorable, stunning features. Remember, a high quality and durable floor mat will protect your car for a long time.


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