Top 10 Best Outline Trimmers 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Good grooming has a lot of benefits such as improving self-esteem and confidence. And one way to make sure you are well groomed is to buy an outline trimmer. These units are probably the best materials that you can use to achieve desired looks. They have it all and will hardly disappoint. Moreover, a good number of them come from notable companies like Andis and Wahl Professional, and this makes them trusted.

They are also versatile; thus, you can use them for many different grooming activities. Some even have two heads for handling hair in the nose and ears, as well as for regular shaving. While more than a few people think they are only meant for barbers and stylists, this is not usually the case, since you can have your own for ultimate convenience. So, to help you settle on a quality product, we unveil the following top 10 best outline trimmers reviews. Here, you will have a clue on what you should exactly go for.

Table Best Outline Trimmers

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1. Andis 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer

1. Andis 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer

The Andis 04710 T-Outliner is popular among men and women it has a close-cutting blade. It is a high-performance trimmer ideal for design work and fades. Well, it is able to deliver exceptional performance because of fine-cutting teeth that allow for extremely close cutting. Another feature that makes this T-outliner a worthy investment is the contoured housing that fits comfortably in the hand so you can use the trimmer for a long time without straining.

Furthermore, this trimmer comes with an 8-foot heavy-duty cord that gives plenty of room to work in. Plus it has a powerful magnetic motor that runs at a high speed so you can finish tasks in a timely manner and in a proper way. The gray finish gives this model a modern look that you will definitely love.

Key Features
  • Premium carbon steel blades are hardened for long-life cutting
  • T-Blade is perfect for trimming necks, mustaches, beards, and edging around the ears
  • Magnetic motor is powerful and high-speed but runs cool and quietly
  • Contoured housing fits nicely in the hand
  • It is worth the price
  • Works well for what it is designed for
  • The trimmer is powerful yet quiet
  • It is comfortable to hold
  • The blades are long-lasting
  • Tends to get hotter faster if you do not get the hair trapped inside out

2. Wahl 9818 Stainless Steel Groomer

2. Wahl 9818 Stainless Steel Groomer

Whal 9818 Hair Groomer is equipped with patented technology that greatly improves its overall performance. The technology enables it to provide great cuts to all hair types and lengths. The hair trimmer also comes with 4 multipurpose attachments that are ideal for all facial hair types.

These attachments include T-Blade, Detail Trimmer, Rotary Personal Trimmer, and Detail Shaver. They help make the trimmer suitable for goatees, sideburns, mustaches, ear, nose, stubble, and even body hair. The trimmer is rechargeable, and this means you can use it anywhere including when traveling. It is important to note that this trimmer is for dry use only.

Key Features
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery works with both 110V and 220V
  • Long-lasting blades deliver outstanding performance
  • 4 multipurpose attachments are great for all facial hairstyles
  • Smart LED indicator lets you know when the trimmer is charging as well as when it is done
  • Portable design makes the trimmer perfect for travel
  • The metallic stylish is amazing
  • The trimmer is nice to hold
  • All 4 attachments work great
  • Made in the USA
  • It charges remarkably fast
  • Dual voltage is nice
  • Could hold a charge longer

3. Oster 76023-510 Fast Feed Motor Clipper

3. Oster 76023-510 Fast Feed Motor Clipper

One feature that stands out in this hair clipper is an adjustable-blade design. It is a convenient feature that will help you get the desired results with much ease. Besides, the Oster 76023-510 Hair Clipper boasts a powerful pivot motor that further helps to deliver great haircuts. What’s even better, the motor is whisper-quiet for more comfortable trimming.

The hair clipper is also well built so you can use it for ages without looking for a new one. Moreover, it comes with a lot of accessories, including a blade guard, 3 guide combs, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil. It comes with everything you need to get the performance you imagined when buying it.

Key Features
  • 8-foot power cord is long enough to promote ultimate convenience
  • Whisper Quiet yet powerful pivot motor improves the general performance of the trimmer
  • Adjustable blade lever lets you change settings effortlessly
  • Ergonomic design features textured housing, which, in turn, offers an easy grip
  • Made in the USA
  • Cuts quietly and smoothly
  • Easy to use; hence, great for beginners
  • The price is reasonable
  • The guards are much sturdier than those of comparable models
  • Not the best for beard trimming

4. RENPHO Hair Clippers for Men, Cordless Clippers Kit

4. RENPHO Hair Clippers for Men, Cordless Clippers Kit

Most people love the RENPHO Cordless Hair Clipper because it has a stainless steel T-shaped blade. This is a special, high-performance blade that does all the work. Another reason why this outliner is preferred by the majority is that it is packed with powerful high-speed motors.

These motors easily achieve maximum efficiency, and this means they offer nice sharp performance stylists are looking for. So, whether you are looking for a clipper for beard trimming or to handle your insanely thick hair, this model is the best. You can also get it as a gift for a friend or family.

Key Features
  • Supported global voltage makes the trimmer ideal for travel
  • 1400mAh lithium battery lasts up to 4.5 hours on a single charge
  • Smart LED display shows the charging indicator, selected speed level, and remaining battery
  • 4 speed levels include 5500, 6000, 6500, and 7000 revolutions-per-minute
  • The T-shaped blade cuts through the hair with ease
  • The LED screen is very bright and easy to read
  • Battery life is impressive
  • Build quality is awesome
  • Comes with a travel pouch
  • The blade seems to get hotter faster at the highest speed

5. Hatteker 5 in 1 Mens Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer Grooming Kit

5. Hatteker 5 in 1 Mens Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer Grooming Kit

What makes the Hatteker 5-in-1 Grooming Kit the real deal is that it includes one of the cheapest hair trimmers that deliver seriously good results every time. As if that’s not enough, this kit comes with multiple accessories for maximum convenience. There are 12 attachments to make sure you have everything you need.

Well, these attachments include a full-size steel trimmer, an adjustable comb (16/14/12/10/8/6/4/2/1mm), an extra-wide hair trimmer, four hair trimmer combs (12/9/6/3mm), a steel precision trimmer, an adjustable beard comb (6/5/4/3mm), a body trimmer, and a nose and ear hair trimmer.

Key Features
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 60 minutes on a single charge
  • 100-percent waterproof body makes the trimmer and all of its attachments easy to care for
  • LCD display shows the battery capacity
  • Blades are non-corrosive, and, therefore, will not rust
  • Lock symbol further makes the trimmer easy to use
  • Great for travel and daily use
  • Comes with lots of attachments
  • All the attachments work as promised
  • The price is a bargain
  • The trimmer seems well made and should last a long time
  • Not for those looking to cut their hair close to the skin

6. OriHea Electric Pro Li Outliner, T-Blade Trimmer for Men

6. OriHea Electric Pro Li Outliner, T-Blade Trimmer for Men

The Titanium & Ceramic blade is no doubt a vital feature of the OriHea T-Blade Trimmer. The blade provides ultimate and safe hair and beard cutting experience. It makes the trimmer perfect for all hair types, including very thick hair. Ideally, the blade cuts without pulling or hurting the skin. It is, therefore, safe to say that this trimmer is built with safety and performance in mind.

Besides, the trimmer comes with 4 limit combs, including 1.5mm, 9mm, 6mm, and 3mm. These combs let you choose between 0.5mm and 9mm so you can trim your hair nicely every time. The trimmer also has a cordless design that makes it perfect for use both during travel and at home.

Key Features
  • Ergonomic design makes the trimmer easy to use
  • Slim body makes it easy to carry the trimmer for use on a business trip or vacation
  • Can be used either while charging or after it is fully charged
  • R-shaped sharp angle design makes the trimmer safe to use
  • Made of good quality materials
  • The trimmer looks very sleek
  • Comes with attachments and oil
  • It is worth the price
  • Battery life is excellent
  • The blade could be sharper

7. YOGINGO Hair Clippers Electric Pro Li Outlinerr

7. YOGINGO Hair Clippers Electric Pro Li Outlinerr

YOGINGO Electric Hair Clippers Outliner is equipped with a stainless steel blade that offers ultimate and safe haircutting experience. The blade is so sharp it cuts even the thickest hair without pulling or hurting the skin. What’s more, this outliner has a unique corded/cordless design for unrivaled convenience.

The outliner also features a bronze finish that makes it look sleek and not out of place in your barbershop. Besides, this hair clipper is built with versatility in mind in the sense that it is suitable for facial skin, ear hair, nose hair, underarms, legs, and hands.

Key Features
  • ON/OFF button makes the trimmer extremely easy to use
  • USB charging allows you to quickly recharge the trimmer
  • Low noise gives everyone peace of mind while the trimmer is doing its job
  • LED light shows the battery power level
  • Carbon-steel T blade is great for dry shaving, designing, and lining
  • Cuts super low, and it is great for barbers
  • Makes a nice gift for husbands and boyfriends
  • The T blade is very large and takes off a lot of hair
  • Comes with an extra charging battery
  • Batteries have nice life
  • Would be better if a blade guard and size guards were included

8. Surker Electric Pro Hair Clippers Trimmer Grooming Kit for Men

8. Surker Electric Pro Hair Clippers Trimmer Grooming Kit for Men

The cordless design allows you to use the Surker Hair Clippers Trimmer while on a business trip or vacation. In short, the design makes this trimmer a perfect package for those who are always on the go. As if that’s not enough, the trimmer comes with precision blades that will not pull your hair or damage the skin.

The trimmer also boasts a narrow design that makes it versatile by enabling it to trim hair, beard, sideburns, face, body hair, and edges around the ears. Plus it has a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers it for 2 hours on a full charge.

Key Features
  • 4 attachments combs (4mm, 3mm, 2mm, and 1mm) will meet all your needs
  • LED display shows charging status and battery capacity
  • Narrow design greatly improves the performance of the trimmer
  • T-shaped blade trims hair more finely
  • Makes a great Father’s Day gift
  • Handy and easy to use
  • The trimmer is washable
  • The blade is very sharp but also safe
  • It is easy to choose the desired cutting length with the 4 attachment combs
  • None at the time of writing this

9. VGR Professional Cordless Outliner Trimmer for Men, Kids & Baby

9. VGR Professional Cordless Outliner Trimmer for Men, Kids & Baby

VGR Cordless Outliner is a versatile unit that is suitable for mustache, oil head, stubble, goatee, sideburn, body hair, and more. This makes it a nice purchase both for barbershops and home use. Moreover, this outliner comes with a sharp and durable steel blade that makes it easy to get excellent haircuts.

The trimmer also features a waterproof blade that can be rinsed under a faucet after use. Needless to say, it is extremely easy to care for. When in use, the hair clipper produces less than 60dB, which is great because this ensures peaceful trimming. The 1-year warranty shows that this unit is quality and the manufacturer believes in it.

Key Features
  • T-shaped design allows the trimmer to create excellent cuts without pulling the hair or hurting you
  • High-speed yet quiet motor makes the trimmer perfect for kids
  • Versatile design means the trimmer is ideal for shaving hair, beards, and tentacles
  • Waterproof blade can be washed under the faucet
  • Available in silver and gold
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Small and wireless for optimum portability
  • Battery has decent life
  • Cuts really close and consistent
  • Would be better if it had a lever to adjust the height

10. CR8GR8 Suaperne T9 Cordless Pro Li Skeletons Trimmer

10. CR8GR8 Suaperne T9 Cordless Pro Li Skeletons Trimmer

What we like about the CR8GR8 T9 Cordless Trimmer is that it has an impressive battery life. On a fully charge, the battery of this trimmer lasts up to 3 hours, which is really amazing. Another cool feature of the trimmer is the cordless design. It makes the trimmer convenient to use.

Moreover, this hair clipper features a well-thought-out design that does not allow hair to get inside. And with little to no hair to remove, maintaining the CR8GR8 T9 Trimmer could not be easier. The 1-year warranty shows that this model is good quality and the manufacturer believes in it.

Key Features
  • Carbon stainless steel blade lasts long and delivers solid performance
  • T-blade design makes the trimmer perfect for detailing and trimming around the ears, necklines, beards, sideburns, and mustaches
  • Thoughtful design ensures hair does not get inside the trimmer, thereby, extending the trimmer’s life
  • Sleek, professional look makes you a proud user of the trimmer
  • Cuts close and nice
  • The magnetic charger is outstanding
  • The motor is very powerful
  • The blade is really sharp
  • The design is well thought out
  • Would be better if the trimmer could be adjusted

The Best Outline Barber Trimmer

It is obvious that a professional barber would go for the best hair clipper. And when I talk of the best, I mean that versatile clipper capable of trimming your mustaches, neck, and even edge around the ears. Of course, the clipper should be able to cut your hair as well. All these performance and functionality take us to the Andis 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer. Arguably the best on the market, this T-outliner trimmer is the best unit you’ll ever come across in most barbershops. Barbers find it essential because of the following:

Outline Barber Trimmer

Contoured Design
The main advantage of using a trimmer with a contoured design is the fact that it offers an ergonomic feel. This means that it won’t be easy to feel tired even if you work for an extended period. Well, professional barbers are likely to find themselves in a busy environment, especially if you give the best in your workplace. For this reason, you need a hair trimmer with a contoured design to help you deliver the same exceptional results every now and then. Yes, the trimmer is none other than the Andis 04710.
Adjustable Blades
Customers who visit a barbershop to shave are different and always request for different services. With this in mind, you need a hair trimmer with adjustable blades. Such kinds of blades will help you achieve a more personalized shaving experience. For example, a customer gets into the barbershop and for their favorite haircut. When you are done shaving the person, the next customer gets in and asks for a totally different haircut. All you will do is to adjust the blade. And the model that can allow you do that is the Andis 04710 model.All you will do is to adjust the blade.
Hardened Stainless Steel Blades
As a professional barber, you’ll want a hair clipper that can stay with you through thick and thin. And that’s where hair trimmers come in. Their blades are the most used part of any hair trimmer or hair clipper. Fortunately, Andis Manufacturing Company knows this. The blade of their model is not just hardened but also made of carbon steel construction. We all know the high-strength associated with carbon compounds. Therefore, going by this fact, it is beyond doubts that the 04710 from Andis is one of the most durable hair clippers on the market today.
Produced by a Notable Brand
Barbers want to be associated with notable brand names. And it’s not just barbers only; everyone wants to buy a product from a well-known manufacturer. So, who does not know Andis? This manufacturing company is established and boasts an 80-year experience. Furthermore, Andis is in 90 countries. That is enough to tell you how popular the manufacturing company is. And to be that popular, you must be producing and distributing top quality products. In this case, one of these products is the Andis 04710 T-Outliner Hair Trimmer.
Powerful Magnetic Motor
One of the ways to determine the best clipper or trimmer is through the motor efficiency. The Andis 04710 is not an exception, considering its unmatched, powerful motor. Despite being powerful, the motor operates quietly, so there will be no noise hovering on the head of the customer while you are doing the trimming. The motor also makes this model easy to use since you’ll be using less effort to deliver noticeable results. It makes the Andis 04710 popular among many barbers.
Men do not just go for simple haircuts today; they also focus on other areas such as mustaches, necks, and areas around the ear. The extremely close-cutting blades of the Andis 04710 enable it to perform all these functions. Moreover, the 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer features an 8-foot cord. The cord is heavy-duty and supplies power to the unit for outstanding results. Its length is also convenient and will not restrict your movements during shaving.

Extra Buying Guide: Features to Consider when Choosing an Outline Trimmer

Before you purchase an outline trimmer, there are some factors that you should consider:

The Price

This is a factor in almost any product. You want to choose a product based on the size of your budget. Outline trimmers listed here highly vary in prices, depending on the number of features and versatility. Therefore, regardless of what you decide to go for, make sure it is within your budget.


Whether an outline trimmer is corded or cordless is a really important factor to consider. If you have a socket and you are buying a trimmer, perhaps to use in the bathroom or generally in the house, then having a corded beard will do no harm. However, if you are buying a beard to use it outside, especially where there is no socket, then your focus should be on a cordless trimmer, as it is more convenient.

Comb Settings

Outline trimmers have a wide range of comb settings, and this really matters if you do not want to be inconvenienced. Comb settings are what determine how long or short your beard will be; thus, they should be looked into keenly. For instance, if you are this person who likes a stubble look, then the trimmer you purchase should have length settings, which are small enough to help you achieve that particular look. On the contrary, if you are after growing a long, thick beard, the trimmer you purchase should help you achieve these looks. Some of the outline trimmers listed above have detachable heads to help you get the much-needed stubble look.


It is a sure thing that no one wants an outline trimmer which is hard to maintain. It is annoying if you buy a trimmer, but a few days later, it starts to depreciate and even snag as well as tug on hairs. As a result, you should look at the cleaning and maintenance features comprehensively to avoid future regrets. Luckily, most of the trimmers listed above are easy to maintain.

Styling Features

If you are after keeping a somewhat traditional-styled beard, and are not interested in shaving funky, unique patterns into it, a trimmer you choose must not have attachments featured in various sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, if you are interested in keeping a particular type of beards such as a goatee or stubbly one, then a trimmer you should go for must have attachments or features to help you achieve and maintain your preferred style.

Now you know the factors you should look for exactly when buying an outline trimmer. Look at them thoroughly, and you won’t go astray as far as getting a desirable, top performing and efficient outline trimmer is concerned.


It’s always important to conduct in-depth research before settling on a product. This will increase your chances of carrying home a better quality product. These top 10 best reviews give you that opportunity to look for a product whose features impress you the most and whose price won’t have devastating effects on your wallet. After reading these reviews and finally gotten your product, you’ll come to agree with me that you can look good without having to break the bank. Do not wait to see a friend looking extremely great; you can visit Amazon today, and have yours as soon as possible.

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